Assalamualaikum wr wb,

This is Me! Meykke Santoso is 26 year old wife of one;  Alfrets Daniel Tikoalu. I’m Javanese and got married to Manadonese. I live in Cibubur, Jakarta after decided to leave Semarang 4 years ago. I'm an English Teacher who has been working for approximately 4 years and still counting. Now I'm teaching in one of the Islamic Nature and Science schools located in Depok. 

I've got three passions in life :

Teaching and me are inseparable. During the day I teach at school, continued teaching in some English Courses at night, and teaching some street children/the marginalized children in Rawamangun; actively involved in KOPAMI (Komunitas Peduli Anak Marjinal Indonesia) on the weekend. I'm so into teaching, whether its's for kids, teenagers, or adults. My biggest dream is able to get my Master of Education, someday.

I’m falling in love with writing since I was elementary school. My pieces of writing have been in 33 Antology books and some magazines so far. I’m writing this blog in order to capture every single moments happened in my life; to share every single experience, knowledge, and life lesson; to entertain people; to inspire. My dream is to write and publish my own book whether about life, love, or life full-of-love- story.

Travelling always challenges me. I like to go around and try something new. I wish I can travel around the globe with my lovely husband and gain so much experience, joy, love and lesson from it.

Thus, I’m writing about those three things here; about teaching life, pieces of my writing such as fiction, opinion, tips, review etc and traveling stories.

I've written 33 books so far with various genres such as comedy, inspirational, romance, nationalism, etc. And here they are :

  1. "Cerita Gokil Anti Mainstream di Sekolah"  published by Media Pressindo
  2. "Unforgettable Baper Moments" published by Wahyu Qolbu
  3. "Permainan Shougi Terakhir" published by Raditeens Publisher
  4. "42 Kisah Wanita Inspiratif Indonesia" published by Meta Kata Publisher
  5. "Akhirnya!Aku Bisa" published by Pena Nusantara Publisher
  6. "Mata Palapataka" published by Sinrang Litera Publisher
  7. "Cinta Terpendam" published by Mozaik Indie Publisher
  8. "My First Romance" published by Meta Kata Publisher
  9. "Menangkap Mimpi" published Lentera Publishing
  10. "Blogger Baper" published by Blogger Energy
For more books, please visit page ACHIEVEMENT.

I've got three awards so far from a Blogger Community called Blogger Energy

The Creative Gyerz in February 2015

The Creative Gyerz in March 2013

The Most Favorite Blog in 2014

I accept sponsored post, content placement or other cooperations. Feel freely to contact me :)
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Hope you enjoy what I write here.

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  1. Salam kenal.... :D

  2. Nich dia Blogger cewe asal ambarawa ... wwkkw siip

  3. meyy.. your blog just got The Liebster Award.. if you aren't busy, kindly check this post please

    im sorry for my bad english. but if i'm not try it, i'll never know. hihihi :D

  4. Salam kenal, Mbak. Kok jago sih bahasa inggrisnya? (yaialah guru bahasa inggris)
    Tapi komen pake bahasa indonesia gapapa kan mbak? :D

  5. kak kalo sempet mampir ya di blog aku :)

  6. waw english teacher yeah ? I think it's damn cool !
    I hope you can teach me all about english that you know sister. because until now my english is so so bad.

    so, nice too meet you sister :D

    ( bener ga tuh bahasa inggrisku ka ? )

  7. Meykke sang petualang sejati ahseeek

  8. Mbak Meykke hebat, salam kenal ya. sukses selalu

  9. Hi dear, I like your post so much, and it is very good. Hope that we can communicate with each other. I want to introduce an aso services, I try it and I feel it is so good to us beginners.

  10. Hi, sista nice to visit your blog... I'm proud of your passion, hope someday we can meet up... :)

  11. Oh Dear... You're amazingly awesome... So blessed meeting such a young passionate teacher, writer and traveller as well.. I'll stay tune here... All the best

  12. Salam kenal wah ternyata dari Semarang yaa..


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