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My name is Meykke Alvia Yuntiawati. But, I prefer using Meykke Santoso as my short name. Santoso is my dad’s name! I am 24 years old and unbelievable I have already owned this blog for 6 years!

It is my pleasure to tell you about who I really am.

1. I am an English Teacher !! I've been an English Teacher in one of education institutions in West Jakarta since the end of 2013. If you ask me how it feels, I will surely answer it is damn FUN!! I do love teaching and I will spend the rest of my life to teach people. I love children as well. Because of my passion in education and children, I have dream to give birth cute daughters later. I also join as volunteer in such a community named KOPAJA (Komunitas Peduli Anak Marjinal) nearby Universitas Negeri Jakarta and together with my colleagues and friends we teach street children there every Sunday.

2. I am a Writer and Blogger. I love writing since I can write. I used to write short stories started from elementary school and lend them to my friends to earn some money. I have blogged since around 2010. Now, I have 33 Antology books and still counting. Two of them got published in Gramedia and the rest got published online. MY BIGGEST DREAM AS A WRITER IS TO WRITE MY PERSONAL LITERATURE (COMEDY) BOOK AND GET IT PUBLISHED IN ALL GRAMEDIA STORES.

3. I am a Traveller. Since 2013 I decided to move from my hometown, Semarang heading to the city I am living in now, Bekasi. I love travelling a lot. I love to move to grand new place and experience new things. I hope I can visit at least one good place every year. I also like to write my traveling experience in my blog. I love it so much.

4.  I do love Nature and Sea!! One of the reasons why I feel so grateful of being Indonesian is because its nature and sea. Everytime I see sea, I feel so relaxed, calm and happy. I always imagine writing right in front of sea while enjoying the breeze. I also dream of having a nice honeymoon nearby the sea. Hahaha.. Aamiin anyway.
4. I love challenging stuff. Yess, I do love it a lot!! I really love riding jet coaster and the stuff. I love to challenge myself and see where my limit is. I surely will try something extreme and challenging such as bungee jumping, banana boat, flying fox from the damn high place, and many more.

5. I am learning to be an Entrepreuner. Small steps heading to far journey, right?? Now I'm selling bags in my instagram @mayz_id and I've joined Oriflame as Oriflame Consultant and you can order online in my another instagram @mayz_beauty. Actually mostly of my family and relatives are entrepreuner. Thus, I'm interested in this field as well. Wish me luck!

6. My Other Hobbies are reading and watching many kinds of movies such as Korean dramas and movies, Bollywood movies, and Indonesian movies. For me, the romance one is the best!!

6. I am a dreamer. I have so many unaccomplished dreams and I am on my way now!!

I am writing this blog to save all the memories I have and share them to the world. I like to share many ideas and opinions. I like to re-read all the posts in the past and taste it again as if I have just experienced it. I am writing this blog so that my children can read what her mum has done in her youth.

My life is never easy, but my life is damn interesting. I love every part of my life. I experience the ups and down of life, and I am so grateful because God still gives me so many options and chances.

Thank you to read this :)


  1. Nich dia Blogger cewe asal ambarawa ... wwkkw siip

  2. meyy.. your blog just got The Liebster Award.. if you aren't busy, kindly check this post please

    im sorry for my bad english. but if i'm not try it, i'll never know. hihihi :D

  3. Salam kenal, Mbak. Kok jago sih bahasa inggrisnya? (yaialah guru bahasa inggris)
    Tapi komen pake bahasa indonesia gapapa kan mbak? :D

  4. kak kalo sempet mampir ya di blog aku :)

  5. waw english teacher yeah ? I think it's damn cool !
    I hope you can teach me all about english that you know sister. because until now my english is so so bad.

    so, nice too meet you sister :D

    ( bener ga tuh bahasa inggrisku ka ? )

  6. Meykke sang petualang sejati ahseeek

  7. Mbak Meykke hebat, salam kenal ya. sukses selalu


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