Thursday, 15 June 2017


Assalamualaikum wr wb, para bapak ibu guru sekalian...

Bagaimana puasanya? Lancar? 

Di sela sela puasa ini ide juga nggak ikutan puasa kan, Miss?? Walau pun kita puasa tapi ide untuk mencerdaskan kehidupan bangsa bisa mengalir menganak pinak ya...

Nah, kali ini saya akan membagikan cara mereview vocabulary yang diajarkan dengan cara yang lebih FUN!!

Biasanya guru akan mereview pelajaran/vocabulary dengan cara memberi soal soal yang kemudian harus diisi oleh murid murid. Cara seperti ini tidak salah sih, Miss...cuman terkadang murid merasa jenuh sekali dengan review yang diberikan. Dia harus terus menghafal sepenuhnya dan mengerjakan soal demi mendapatkan nilai yang bagus.

Tapi, lain kali kita bisa me-review vocabulary yang telah diajarkan dengan cara yang jauh lebih serrruuuu!!! Dan tentunya dengan cara yang lebih seru mereka bisa mengingat dengan lebih baik. 

Kok bisa begitu?? Sekarang coba Mister ingat apa yang terjadi pada tanggal 21 Februari 2016? Pasti tidak ingat kan? Namun, coba sekarang Mister katakan kejadian apa yang paling membahagiakan dalam hidup Mister? Pasti dengan gamblang dan sangat jelas Mister bisa menceritakannya. Karena apa? Karena ada perasaan yang terlibat di situ, yang membuat suatu kejadian menjadi lebih tertanam di memory kita.

Lalu, apa yang terjadi saat kita melibatkan perasaan suka dan bahagia di proses belajar mengajar? YAP,  mereka bisa mengingat pelajaran dengan lebih baik. Dan saat mereka bisa mengerti dan memahami apa yang kita ajarkan, di situlah kita merasa telah berhasil menjadi seorang guru. :)

Maka dari itu, kali ini saya punya satu ide bagaimana bisa me-review vocabulary dengan cara yang lebih berliku liku tetapi FUN!!


Untuk para miss dan mister yang masih single tak perlu baper membaca judulnya karena ini bukan soal serpihan hati ya.. Hehehehe..

Ini tentang menyatukan serpihan kata kata serupa ini :

The 5th Day Challenge : FAMILY!

"Work outside your hometown, live by yourself and you will understand how precious your family's presence would be."

It totally describes me. I have been living far away from my family for more than 4 years now (and still counting since I haven't planned to go back home and stay there). Nom I live in Cibubur and work as an English teacher in one of the private school here. Meanwhile my family stays in one small town in Semarang called Ambarawa. I get used to do everything by myself before finally I've got married and invited him to live with me here.

And now Ied Fitr will come so soon, and when you come up with a question like,

"Whom do you want to meet so soon?"

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The 4th Day Challenge : The Foolish Accident Ever

Over Confident.

When it comes to an embarassing  moment in the past, the worst thing happened in my life which I regret a lot, it reminds me about this. The foolish accident that should not happen, but it did anyway because of my over-confident and careless.

It happened in March 2016. I thought it would be a great holiday since we planned to visit a wide natural pond/pool which there are so many beautiful and we can take pictures underwater. Of course it was so challenging for me. I was so excited back then. As we arrived there with my friends and younger sister, we contacted one of the photographers and was ready to pose underwater.

But we had to go to the middle of the pond and dive there. That's the thing. I, who was so confident tried to go to the middle without any life vest. I tried to swim in 3 metres depth. What happened next? Suddenly I remembered how I sank when I snorkled in Lombok. 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The 3rd Day Challenge : My Favorite Loss

Today I'm supposed to write about the worst loss or the loss that really hits me. And this is it! I've once lost someone that changed my life back then. But why did I call it as my favorite loss??

Lemme tell you a story.

Image result for sad girl tumblr

Monday, 12 June 2017

The 2nd Day Challenge : My Favorite Animals Ever

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

Today's challenge is to mention 5 animals that I want the most (If I could have ones). Well, that's such a difficult questions since I am not really into animals. I like them but I never have a chance to take care of them. Moreover now I live far away from my house and just stay with my husband (And next week he will go to Surabaya and we will live apart.) I never take care of animals except cat. Well, my parents do it, not me.

But, if I have a chance to be able to take care of whatever animals that I want, The most-wanted animal for me is :

Sunday, 11 June 2017

1st Day Challenge : This is WHO I really am

This is Me! Meykke Santoso is 26 year old wife of one;  Alfrets Daniel Tikoalu. I’m Javanese and got married to Manadonese. I live in Cibubur, Jakarta after decided to leave Semarang 4 years ago. I'm an English Teacher who has been working for approximately 4 years and still counting. Now I'm teaching in one of the Islamic Nature and Science schools located in Depok. 

I've got three passions in life :
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