The 4th Day Challenge : The Foolish Accident Ever

The 4th Day Challenge : The Foolish Accident Ever
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Rabu, 14 Juni 2017
Over Confident.

When it comes to an embarassing  moment in the past, the worst thing happened in my life which I regret a lot, it reminds me about this. The foolish accident that should not happen, but it did anyway because of my over-confident and careless.

It happened in March 2016. I thought it would be a great holiday since we planned to visit a wide natural pond/pool which there are so many beautiful and we can take pictures underwater. Of course it was so challenging for me. I was so excited back then. As we arrived there with my friends and younger sister, we contacted one of the photographers and was ready to pose underwater.

But we had to go to the middle of the pond and dive there. That's the thing. I, who was so confident tried to go to the middle without any life vest. I tried to swim in 3 metres depth. What happened next? Suddenly I remembered how I sank when I snorkled in Lombok. 

Then suddenly I forgot how to swim. Some seconds later, my body went down into bottom. But, I didn't want to sank twice, so I turned my body, stepped on the bottom and kicked it in such a way to go up and swam to the side of the pool. I came back to the side. 

At that time, I felt that there was something pulling my toes. I ignored it and swam aside.

We did the photoshoot by the photograph's help afterwards.

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Once we finished and the afternoon came, we got off the water. I saw that my middle toe was red. And I was just totally shocked when I opened the skin between two toes. my skin was TORN and WIDELY OPENED.

I couldn't walk properly in our way back home. And I never imagine it would last for the next one month, the whole month in pain.

It happened because my stitch was torn again, then it got infected. It was supposed to be sewed again but I'd got trauma and I refused to do it again. I had to go back and forth to the hospital because my torn skin was getting worse. I even went to UGD because I thought that my skin was getting rotten. Kind of disgusting and I felt totally horrible. The fact that I lived by my own in the boarding house made me depressed. Thanks God I still have my aunt and uncle living nearby so they can help me, especially for the hospital bill. It cost a lot, almost as much as my salary for a month!!! WHAT A CRAZY EXPERIENCE!!

One month passed and my skin was getting healed, little by little. Along that time, I wrote many posts about this accident. I took the lesson from it as well.

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I still remember one day in the hospital when I waited for the prescription, I cried. I didn't care about surrounding, I just cried. I regretted it a lot and sometimes I imagined, If only it didn't happen...If only I didn't go to that pool...

Well, I was not supposed to do that way but I really regretted it. 

But after I fully healed, I've got so many lessons.


Being confident is such a good thing, but being over confident is otherwise.

And I don't want such a accident happened to my life anymore. NEVER!!!

I'm joining the 7-Day-Writing Challenge by Basa Basi and Kampus Fiksi. Today is the #forth 4th Day! #7DaysKF

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  1. Buset, ini bener bahasa inggris semua? apalah daya yang toeflnya masih kecil bacanya pake google translate.
    Ini jadi cerita Tragedi Umbul yang langsung di rangkum semua ya mbak. Kok bisa jadi seseram itu sih mbak tragedinya? Dari awalnya yang pengen seneng-seneng malah jadi hal yang menakutkan banget buat kamu nya. Jadinya gak mau snorkling lg mbak? wkwk.
    Tapi bisa ambil hikmahnya aja lah ya dari tragedi ini. Semoga hal yang seperti ini tidak terulang lagi. Amin

  2. Waduh kalo tenggelem saya juga pernah mba, rasa gak enak. Yang namanya kecelakaan kan kita gak tau ya. Tapi sekarang jadi bisa berenang sih hehehe.. lebih belajar dari kesalahan lalu.

    Gue kaget juga isinya bhs inggris hehehe.. untung ada beberapa part yang ngerti sih. Dan sebagiannya translate. Hehehe..

  3. Sempet syok pas lihat postingan ini bahasa Inggris semua, hehehee. Dibuat syok lagi pas baca ternyata mbak sampai masuk UGD, seram sekali. Tapi kok mbak baru sadar pas airnya jadi merah, memangnya pas foto engga kerasa sakit mbak? Semoga mbak tidak mengalami hal seperti ini lagi ya mbak, aamiin

  4. Be confident is good, but over confident doesn't mean overgood right? :)
    I Hope i can visit natural wide pool too, sometimes when I'm swim,I often feel like I'm forget the way to swim. Because swimming for me is a activity that I rarely do. I don't know how to feel when my skin rotten.... uhhh

  5. Gak terlalu fasih bhs inggris, untung ada google translate haha. Untuk poin yang terakhir "Being confident is such a good thing, but being over confident is otherwise" memang harus dilakukan dan dipahami, yang terpenting jangan terlalu berlebihan