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Assalamualaikummmmmmmm the world!!! berasa sudah lama sekali aku nggak nulis blog, ditambah sekarang nggak bisa nulis via HP sehubungan dengan digantinya interface blog jadi lebih canggih begini, tapi jadi nggak bisa nulis lewat HP ku :( dan sudah sejak jam 9 tadi sampai nanti jam 2 aku free alias waiting mode. aku kelas pukul 7 sampai 9 tadi, dan kelas lagi nanti pukul 2 sampai 4 dilanjutkan ngelesi satu jam di Ambarawa. I'm not bored, because my laptop is accompanying me!!:D dan sekarang sendirian duduk lesehan di ACCESS room sambil download lagu lagu hasil coveran Maddi Jane yang syahdu galau gimana sambil ngetik ini. Talking about 'kemana mana sendiri', I think I'm gonna to experiance such a thing. biasanya kayak semester lalu kemana mana selalu sama Inggit, my closest colleague. atau malah sekumpulan sama yang lain seperti Widha, Via, Mela, Vince dan yang lainnya. but now, they all have their own business to do. Si Inggit karena kelas cuma jam 2, otomatis dia berangkat jam 2, si Via entah kemana, Vinca dan Mela berkecimpung di kegiatan PPL di sekolah mereka. And me, going around without the destination for 5 hours!! but if I re-think and enjoy it, being alone like that is sometimes so enjoyable. i don't have to discuss where we are going to go, or where we want to buy a meal, or where we have to spend time. just decide it by myself, whether I want to go out to eat up, or staying here while listening to the music or doing other activities alone. Alone doesn't mean lonely for me... malah bisa bikin kita independet dan tidak tergantung dengan orang lain. it is so good!!! kenapa tidak pulang saja?? Aigooo..rumahku 25 km jaraknyaaa :( kalau pulang menghabiskan banyak waktu, tenaga, dan juga uang.. So here I am, sitting alone inside ACCESS room while browsing, listening to the music, and thinking about the next activity I want to do. I haven't eaten breakfast anyway...Hehe Wassalam

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ied in ACTION!

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Assalamualikum, the world!!!

Today I would like to post something missing..

Why missing?? Because it is about my last Ied Mubarak celebrated together with my family. Unfortunately I had no time to write about those things and now I come back with such a report. Thus I called ‘Ied in action’

“Baju baru Alhamdulillah…tuk dipakai di hari Raya, tak punya pun tak apa apa, masih ada baju yang lamaaaa…”

It is what school tries to teach to all students here. Without any new clothes, people can still celebrate this truly amazing day for Muslims.

But then, it would be so full of gratitude if we can buy a new one to wear in a ‘new’ day. Here is how we celebrate the day!!!

The first day :D

In the first day, we went around the village not just to apologize but also to maintain the relationship among neighborhood since we are social human-being!:D

This simple blouse together with a soft yellow hijab garnished by a hand-made headband (made by my sister) accompanied me all day long.

My sister is such an opposite compared with me. She likes something sexy but not too sexy either. And it is how she looks. And being more grateful because what we worn at that day is from our grandmother. She bought those clothes for us! Thanks grandmaJ

my grandmother :)

And not only that, my youngest sister also wanted to be captured :D

And also my mother, and my father :D

The second day!!!

What I worn for the second day was rather absurd. It is my first time to put my skirt out of my tight shirt. I am too slim, so sometimes I can’t get the confidence to wear such a style. But then, I kept trying and it is how I look with that style.

And my sister still came up with her ‘sexy elegant’ blouse. And we were ready to the next destination, our relatives’ houses.

That’s how the celebration ended and now we have to be better, much better than we were, and MOVE ON!! :D

Thanks for reading and hope years later I can look at it again.

Wassalam :D

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My hand-made Headband

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Assalamualaikum, the world!!

Now in this mellow evening (as mellow as my heart) I would like to write about my favorite thing!!

Yeah, it is my HEADBAND!!!!

It doesn’t merely mean that I take off my hijab and leave the title of being hijabist, instead I wear it outside my hijab, to make it more beautiful!!

In some occasions, I have already worn it,

in Ied Mubarak

hang-out time

go to campus

And some of my friends told me that it is good to wear such a thing. And something that I like from this headband is because my young sister is the one who made it for me. It is made of wol yarn. My young sister is indeed so creative. Just looking at a mountain of messed up wol yarn like that, the ideas has come straightaway.

my lovely sister

Just look at that! it’s totally messed!!

And using her hand, she began to change those things to be my headband!!

The steps :

And it turned into these beautiful and rare unique for my hijab.

Actually the headband thing is something that is totally happening nowadays. Many hijabists seem to wear it and make the hijab looks much more sophisticated and creative. And I like my headband, because it would not be the same as the others’ headbands. It is hand-made!!

Although it is just simple, not like the one which is sold with the prize Rp.7000 up to 15.000 , I feel proud of wearing this produst, because I don’t necessarily waste my money to buy such a thing, and still, I can wear such a thing. Cool…

And it drags myself to one important conclusion that

“Life is about creativeness. The more creative you are, the more benefit you get, and also the less money you take from your wallet!!”


Hope it would be inspiration towards all the readers!! Enjoy your weekend, and let’s be creative!! :D

Monday, 10 September 2012

Review : Pradasari Infinite Lipstick

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Assalamualaikum, the world!!

In this bright morning, I would like to write about something a bit kamseupay. It’s getting more kamseupay because I don’t really catch the idea about kamseupay itself -.-

Well, since last year I got used to put on make up, I like trying on the different types of make such as, eye liner ( I like it the most among other make up stuff), eye shadow, lipgloss and lipbalm, and the like. But still, I never put on lipstick because I thought that it would make a-not-girl-yet-woman like me seems older than I really am. But then, because I’m already 21 years old, and I like trying something new then I decided to buy a lipstick for the first time of my life. That’s what I am about to write about :D ha ha ha…

Well, it is the appearance of my first lipstick.

On the back of the package written that it is Pradasari infinite Lipstick number 808.

I happened to buy such a lipstick when I walked along in front of the make up section in one of the stores where I’m living in. Once the sales clerk asked about what I need, I answered that I seek for a lipstick, and she promoted this lipstick to me.

At the first glance, the package is nice and sophisticated.

The color is not shock color, instead a bit calm. Since it’s my first time putting on the lipstick I have to choose the color carefully. And I put my choice to this lipstick.

What is the result??

The color is like what I expect. It seems like the lip color, but tends to be more pink a bit. Because my lips are dark, so I need color that covers my lips so well and make it quite pink ( but natural still). And it is how the lipstick appears in the lips,

But still, I never put on the lipstick like that, instead I just touch the lipstick into my lips many times without polishing ( I’m not sure about the term). I mean to have not-too-seen-color, I just make spots on my lips and I would move my lips in such away to spread the color well for the whole lips (get it??@.@).

About the prize, it is cheap. You can have this just by paying about Rp. 17.000 What a nice prize!

And I think I feel more confident when I leave my house with color lipstick appeared on my lips. And don’t forget to put the lipbalm or tendercare on before lipstick. And I like this kind of tendercare which helps me a lot to moisture my lips all the time. Click to see!

Review : Oriflame Tendercare Chocolate

Thus, those two kinds of make up is must-have items and I always bring them wherever I go, especially when I go to campus because there is a place I have to socialize and deal with many activities. :D

Wanna try???

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Afternoon Greeting

Saturday, September 08, 2012 3 Comments
assalamualaikum, the world!!!
After long time not do blogging through my mobile phone, now I come back :)
actually I am getting busy so I hardly have enough time to write blog. But then, after this I'm gonna post new entry about lipstick. It may sound kamseupay, but then I like writing about make up now and the stuff.
Also, i enjoy about trying new style with my hijab, whether to vary the style or add the accessories such as headband that is soooo happening today. Thus, i'm gonna write about the headband my young sister made for me from wol yarn. Must be sooo creative :)
wassalam, everyone!
Have a nice saturday yah :D

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

ACCESS in Action !! (Open House)

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Assalamualaikum, the world!! :D

August 30th 2012!

I had a quite fun day with my partners in ACCESS magazine since at that day we had to open up such a stand like the others KBM did. We actually joined an OPEN HOUSE, an event provided for the new comers in a way to give much information and also to attract their interest to come join with us, being an ACCESS members.

our lovely stand :)

Actually I am the new comer in the ACCESS, here is my first impression to step in the new experience of being writer. Go click!

A Fresh Member of ACCESS Magazine : ME

There we had to explain about what is ACCESS, what is the aim of it, and also the advantages of being the member, either being a columnist who write the articles ( I am a part of it), setting layout who of course set a lay out such as in the cover and the whole pages inside, or illustrator who draw a comic at the last page of the magazine.

so crowded :D

And here are the previous ACCESS magazines

Feeling excited because finally I can join with them and can step ahead to become a real writer, because it is such a huge step and the certificate will be useful to compete in the work-world later on, especially in the journalism field.

Back to OPEN HOUSE, every of us had turn to lead the presentation about the ACCESS’s stuff.

me in action

And because I was late, just after I arrived, I had to have a presentation in front of about 8 new comers and I was so nervous. The situation turned out quite crowded so I had to turn up my volume to compete with the others’ voice. Haha..

And I get myself felt happy doing it!!

I like to speak in front of people.

And ACCESS has made my day!! Yeay


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