Ied in ACTION!

Ied in ACTION!
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Kamis, 13 September 2012

Assalamualikum, the world!!!

Today I would like to post something missing..

Why missing?? Because it is about my last Ied Mubarak celebrated together with my family. Unfortunately I had no time to write about those things and now I come back with such a report. Thus I called ‘Ied in action’

“Baju baru Alhamdulillah…tuk dipakai di hari Raya, tak punya pun tak apa apa, masih ada baju yang lamaaaa…”

It is what school tries to teach to all students here. Without any new clothes, people can still celebrate this truly amazing day for Muslims.

But then, it would be so full of gratitude if we can buy a new one to wear in a ‘new’ day. Here is how we celebrate the day!!!

The first day :D

In the first day, we went around the village not just to apologize but also to maintain the relationship among neighborhood since we are social human-being!:D

This simple blouse together with a soft yellow hijab garnished by a hand-made headband (made by my sister) accompanied me all day long.

My sister is such an opposite compared with me. She likes something sexy but not too sexy either. And it is how she looks. And being more grateful because what we worn at that day is from our grandmother. She bought those clothes for us! Thanks grandmaJ

my grandmother :)

And not only that, my youngest sister also wanted to be captured :D

And also my mother, and my father :D

The second day!!!

What I worn for the second day was rather absurd. It is my first time to put my skirt out of my tight shirt. I am too slim, so sometimes I can’t get the confidence to wear such a style. But then, I kept trying and it is how I look with that style.

And my sister still came up with her ‘sexy elegant’ blouse. And we were ready to the next destination, our relatives’ houses.

That’s how the celebration ended and now we have to be better, much better than we were, and MOVE ON!! :D

Thanks for reading and hope years later I can look at it again.

Wassalam :D

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