Review : Pradasari Infinite Lipstick

Assalamualaikum, the world!!

In this bright morning, I would like to write about something a bit kamseupay. It’s getting more kamseupay because I don’t really catch the idea about kamseupay itself -.-

Well, since last year I got used to put on make up, I like trying on the different types of make such as, eye liner ( I like it the most among other make up stuff), eye shadow, lipgloss and lipbalm, and the like. But still, I never put on lipstick because I thought that it would make a-not-girl-yet-woman like me seems older than I really am. But then, because I’m already 21 years old, and I like trying something new then I decided to buy a lipstick for the first time of my life. That’s what I am about to write about :D ha ha ha…

Well, it is the appearance of my first lipstick.

On the back of the package written that it is Pradasari infinite Lipstick number 808.

I happened to buy such a lipstick when I walked along in front of the make up section in one of the stores where I’m living in. Once the sales clerk asked about what I need, I answered that I seek for a lipstick, and she promoted this lipstick to me.

At the first glance, the package is nice and sophisticated.

The color is not shock color, instead a bit calm. Since it’s my first time putting on the lipstick I have to choose the color carefully. And I put my choice to this lipstick.

What is the result??

The color is like what I expect. It seems like the lip color, but tends to be more pink a bit. Because my lips are dark, so I need color that covers my lips so well and make it quite pink ( but natural still). And it is how the lipstick appears in the lips,

But still, I never put on the lipstick like that, instead I just touch the lipstick into my lips many times without polishing ( I’m not sure about the term). I mean to have not-too-seen-color, I just make spots on my lips and I would move my lips in such away to spread the color well for the whole lips (get it??@.@).

About the prize, it is cheap. You can have this just by paying about Rp. 17.000 What a nice prize!

And I think I feel more confident when I leave my house with color lipstick appeared on my lips. And don’t forget to put the lipbalm or tendercare on before lipstick. And I like this kind of tendercare which helps me a lot to moisture my lips all the time. Click to see!

Review : Oriflame Tendercare Chocolate

Thus, those two kinds of make up is must-have items and I always bring them wherever I go, especially when I go to campus because there is a place I have to socialize and deal with many activities. :D

Wanna try???

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  1. cieeee meyke.. sitsuiiit udah lipenan nih skrg..


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