Monday, 16 January 2012


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Good Morning, my world!

Yesterday for the first time in my life, I went to fitness centre and did what I should do there. It is my last way to get proportional weight. I have already eaten ‘jamu’, weight gainer medicine, I have already eaten food totally much, I have eaten raw egg mixed with honey and ginger, I have ever eaten many avocados for one month every day. I have done everything except this way. And I’ve just realized that nothing is instant. What I’ve done is just fool thing that will never succeed.

Actually I have scoliosis. My back really hurt when I am out of energy or exhausted. Now I even feel it. My right back really hurt. I think it is because fitness I did yesterday. Sometimes I am totally sad. Why was I born this way?? Why do I have to do much struggle just to have what the others have. Sometimes I just feel so blue. Gratitude never leaves me, though. Alloh does what is supposed to happen in a purpose. To make me much stronger as time goes by.

It is okay to feel this pain. It is okay to struggle for the sake of myself, for my satisfaction. Nothing has to be regretted. Regretting chances nothing, even my back will never straight as it was. Regretting will change my body as good as SNSD girls have. But the struggle can. That’s what I surely believe.

Pain I enjoy now will be repaid someday.

As long as I have time and possibility, I will do what I have to do to get what I deserve to get.

See?? gaining the weight is as difficult as reducing it,isn’t it??

Just keep your spirit up and let’s step forward to catch it! ß the affirmation I try to absorb.:D

Thank You

Monday, January 16, 2012 1 Comments

Thank you Alloh…

For giving me this way..

Thank you Alloh…

For giving me such a body,

A skinny body to teach me how to manage it well, how to struggle even more to get the shape I wish…

Thank you Alloh,

For giving me scoliosist,

Teach me how to face it, teach me to do more effort to handle it, to do exercise even more

Thank you Alloh,

For giving me such a skin,

Teach me how to make it better, teach me how to struggle to make it as what I hope

Thank you Alloh, you are beyond perfectness, creating me in such an imperfect body, to get perfect lesson in life…

Thank you Ya Alloh…

To assess me in this economical problem

Teach me how to go out from “the safe box” and try a new thing, teach me how to live creatively and make money.

Thank you Alloh…

For lending me many great people to teach me how to live a fully life

For lending such a family,

Teach me to survive no matter how hard it would be, teach me how to control myself, be better Meykke at last.

For lending me such a boyfriend who has different strata,

Teach me to handle the pain, enjoy every joy given, experience the ups and down, teach me how to love, give big motivation towards myself, color up my life just like a rainbow between the rain u down from the sky.

Thank you Alloh..

For lending me many great friends..

Teach me how to behave, motivate me to cover what should be covered, to put many many more color into my ordinary life. Then my life is not that ordinary any longer. Teach me about sharing the love and caring. Teach me how to be a good listener without too much talking.

Thank you a lot Alloh to give me chance living in this such a world, with many blessings and tests inside.. Teach me to get through every single problem with Your help,

Thank you Alloh, no matter how hard it is, no matter how hard it would be, I am totally grateful..

As long as You stand by me, guard me along the right path, I have no worries…

As long as you don’t leave me alone, I have the strength to relay on…

So, thank you a lot Alloh…

You are just perfect and gorgeous!!

Let me closer to You, let me feel deeper in You, Let me love You even more…

All I need is YOU.

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Sunday, January 08, 2012 1 Comments

Hang out with the big big family is the quality time I always wait for. And Alhamdulillah we could gather in my lovely aunt’s 40th birthday, January 3rd 2012 at Suharno 3, Jimbaran. Let me tell you about this memorable family gathering. My beloved grandmother who I love the most has 7 grandchildren and I am the eldest of all. We all joined on that day. But my father and my aunt’s husband didn’t because they had to go back to work. Fortunately, my grandfather; my mother’s father visited us, so they could join with us. My grandmother I’ve just told you is my father’s mother. See?? Confusing?? Ya gitu lah pokoknya…

And we ate the birthday cake together, durian, and also many kinds of fish cooked in many ways. It is the rare event because we are busy running around all the time. By the way my grandmother just has 3 children and my father is the eldest one. My uncle is number two, and my aunt who celebrated her birthday is the youngest. We are a happy big family ever!!

My cousins are lovable and I love them a lot. They swam and played together, and never forget to capture the pictures. We all love camera!!We had fun together and it was a gorgeous day for the Jasman’s big family. So, check it out our happiness in FUN family gathering to start this amazing new year!

The place is cozy and comfortable as well, increasing our happiness!

with my cousin, my aunt, and also my relative who is the daughter of the sister of my grandmother:D

the painting is just sooooo amazing!:D

it is my beloved mother with casual style:D

my cousins and the relatives I love the most!! They had just swam in the small swimming pool there.

With my younger sister, but not the youngest one!:D

This is it!! My story along the short holiday which ended already.:D
What about you??

Something I do realize is as long as we have time to spend the time with family, just do it.As long as God still gives us the chance to be together with our family, just use the time wisely. Because we never know what happen in 1 second ahead.

Love my family, Love your family. fulfill your heart with LOVE.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Thursday, January 05, 2012 2 Comments


Nggak kerasa banget udah ganti tahun. Nggak kerasa juga udah meninggalkan banyak kenangan manis di tahun 2011 ini. That’s why I wrote this entry to appreciate all that has been part of my life in 2011. Nggak pingin Cuma sliwer begitu aja tiap happy atau pun sad moment yang ada di 2011. Biar beberapa tahun ke depan entah aku jadi apa, aku bisa klik page ini, baca lagi sambil senyum senyum sendiri mengenang masa lalu.:D Dari Januari sampai Desember, many things happened. Some has been my happy moment, some has been my lesson to be better. All meant a lot to me. Let me remember that!

1. January 1st 2011

One of the happiest moment in my life is hanging out with my bestfriends!! I love them so bad. Kebanyakan sahabatku adalah teman teman SMA. Tahun lalu mengawali tahun baru dengan kumpul kumpul bareng sahabat SMA. Kita makan, jalan jalan, dan tak lupa poto poto pastinya. They are Winny, Shinta, Bryan, One, Wawan, Fadli, dan Yaya. Cerita selengkapnya di sini.:D

2. January 2nd 2011

My youngest sister’s fourth birthday! Jalan jalan with my family! Hanging out with my lovely family is one of the happiest moment in my life! :D

3. January 22nd – 23rd 2011

It is about my bestfriends still. Kumpul apalagi bobok bareng sama sahabat itu membahagiakan banget. Waktu itu tanggal 23 nya salah satu anggota kelompok belajar ku dulu yang mempoklamirkan diri jadi PinQue
enz, Mashlahatul Umami ulang tahun yang ke 19 tahun. Aku bareng Aprilla Dany nginep di sana semalem dan pagi pagi buta kita foto foto di ladang bunga. Seperti ini:D

Lalu, kita ke tempat Ellena Rosmayanti. Di sana kita noreng dan tak lupa poto poto. Dari lubuk hatiku yang paling dalam, sahabat itu penting bukan kepalang…

4. Pebruary

My boyfriend’s sister’s wedding. I stayed one night there because in the early morning I had to start doing make up and stuff for her wedding. It is unforgettable moment because you-know-what, I was glad has been part of the important moment of his family.

5. Pebruary, 20th - 21st 2011

ECD’s EO (ECD = English Competition Days)! Alhamdulillah jadi EO (EO lomba debate) salah satu event annual di kampus yang mengundang anak anak SMA buat lomba debate, story telling, dll. I got so many things from it. So grateful!

6. April 6th 2011.

Actually my agenda on January up to March has gone. I forgot whether I wrote between those months or not because I had a looong looooong holiday on those three months. Perhaps, I hadn’t started writing agenda, instead I started it on April up to the end of 2011.

Ada apa di tanggal ini?

Kalimat di agendaku, “My lovely boyfriend visited my house at 8.30 PM. It was totally sweet, Luph HIM A LOT!!”

Ehehe, I forgot the problem between us, but he reached my house at 8.30 because I was angry and he was going to apologize. It was just before he flew to Mekah and Umroh at 4 AM. Since my house is about 25 km away from his, I include it to the label of my life entitled“Unforgettable Moment”:D

7. April 13th 2011

Ini bidang akademik yang alhamdulilah mengalami kemajuan. Mengingat dari jaman SD sampai SMA aku nggak pernah megang organisasi apa apa. Paling pol ketua kelas pas SD dulu. Waktu SMA jadi anggota majalah FOKUS. Dengan modal kecintaan pada dunia tulis menulis, I have chance to lead one of UKM of my English Deparment named EDPoW(English Department Pool of Writing). Dan dari situ aku merambah dunia LK. Alhamdulillah ada peningkatan. Di tahun 2011 juga tahun dimana IPku meningkat cukup banyak. Bukan menyoal dibandingkan dengan orang lain, tetapi dibandingkan aku yang dulu. Jadi, Alhamdulillah…:D. Sebenarnya salah satu resolusiku tahun 2011 adalah menjadi anggota ACCESS (majalah per semester) dan ikut menjadi bagian dalam jurnalis universitas. Dan, karena tidak bisa mendoble sudah menjadi coordinator of EDPOW masih jadi ACCESS columnist (kalau missal keterima), bagiku dikasih kesempatan ini beyond of my expectation. So, thank you GOD!:)) Enak juga waktu ikut evaluasi periode yang sebelumnya nginep di salah satu villa di Kopeng tertanggal 9-10 Juni 2011.:D

8. April 19th 2011.

The first time my mother swam! Beberapa kali jalan jalan ke Muncul dan sekitarnya bersama keluarga dan sepupu sepupu serta bulek, kali ini yang unforgettable, ternyata ibuku punya bakat renang. Okeh, I don’t know what kind of swimming style it was, yang penting bisa ngambang dan juga jalan. Sooooooo FUN! aku juga renang sampai gosong. Yang penting bahagia:D

9. May 17th 2011.

My boyfriend’s 20th birthday!! Woke up so early and reached his house at 7.30 AM. We had no plan to celebrate it, instead going to Bandungan with his mother and sister to join his mother’s reunion with her friends. It was fun, though. As long as can spend time with him, it is FUN still. :D. He loves T-shirt I gave him which can be wore in both side or otherwise, maroon and grey.:D

10. May 22nd 2011

My 20th birthday!! Actually, there was nothing special in my birthday. Everything went in such a way and seemed so boring. People around me gave me congratulation and prayers, means there are many people care about me. I was totally grateful, though. The pouring blessings made me so worthy and alive. So, thank you so much!:D But, on June 2nd 2011 my boyfriend gave me a necklace. Thank you..:)

11. May 24th – 26th 2011.

LO of NUEDC! Kopertis menyelenggarakan seperti lomba debate tingkat fakultas negeri dan swasta se Semarang dan sekitarnya di Hotel Beringin selama 3 hari. LO adalah orang yang bertugas untuk membacakan peraturan sebelum lomba berlangsung dan memimpin jalannya debate atau chair person dan time keeper yang bertugas ngitungin waktu dan ngasih tanda kalau waktu buat ngomong sudah habis. Jadi, selama 3 hari itu nginep di hotel Beringin dan mendapatkan banyak pelajaran yang berharga dari sana. Sudah gitu dibayar pula. :D Alhamdulillah…:DD Dan baca selengkapnya di sini.

12. June 4th 2011.

Having a date in Sidomukti!

In order to celebrate our birthday and remembering that we almost never go somewhere together except having lunch together or having a date in his house or my house, we decided to go Umbul Sidomukti. The place was just perfect to spend the time together, have sightseeing, and refreshing our mind. For more story, click here.:D I love that day!

13. June 5th 2011.

My bedroom’s wall got painted!! My father, my mother, my sister were those who painted my wall on the whole day. That’s why it is special for me.:D Alhamdulillaaaaah….

14. June 22nd 2011

My story successfully published in Diva-Press web! Walau pun sedikit, at least ada peningkatan nggak Cuma nulis doang tapi juga dapet novel gratis karena ceritaku masuk menjadi pemenang hiburan. Ehehehehe… kalau mau tahu kayak apa ceritaku, klik ini.:D

15. July 16th 2011

SBC has been created!! Ini first meeting yang sebenarnya Cuma dihadiri segelintir orang saja. Namanya juga meretas sesuatu pasti dari nol dulu. SBC adalah Salatiga Blogger Community yang diketuai teman ku. InsyaAlloh bulan Januari kita ke Museum Duver untuk mencari materi blog dan mempromosikan kota Salatiga di dunia maya. Aku sendiri sangat berniat mempromosikan kota Ambarawa yang eksotis dengan Tank di tengah jalan, Lapangan dengan patung Jenderal Sudirman sedang hormat, Monumen Palagan dengan pesawat mogoknya, stasiun Kereta Api dengan kereta kereta eksotis, dan sekitarnya. Buanyaaaaaak pokoknya.:D. Nah, bagi sesiapa saja yang suka ngeblog dan domisili di Salatiga dan sekitarnya, bisa bergabung bersama kami, SBC di sini.:D

16. July 26th 2011

Hanging out in Semarang with my ex-classmates: Ardilla, Whiny, Bryan, Shinta.

Waktu itu kami menjelajahi pojokan Semarang eksotis named Kota Lama. Dan kisahnya sudah aku terabadikan di sini. Terimakasih teman temanku!:D

17. August 4th 2011

My story successfully published in

Ceritanya sedikit mengenai kehidupan privateku dan nggak punya niat buat ngasih link nya. Tapi, Alhamdulillah bisa menjadi pelajaran buat yang membacanya dan juga dapet kiriman uang.:D Alhamdulillah. 2012 harus lebih giat nulis lagi!

18. August 26th 2011

BUKBER with my ex-classmates, IPA3. Setelah tanggal 15 Agustus bukber bareng pacar, dan hari lainnya bersama Pinqueenz, tanggal itu bersama teman teman SMA bukber di COZY. Menyenangkan bener bukber bersama kawan kawan SMA. Menceritakan kehidupan kuliahnya, suka dukanya, dan juga pastinya foto fotonya. Sayangnya, sampai sekarang belum dipublish di FB. It was totally gorgeous, though. :D

19. August 31st 2011

IDUL FITRI. Sudah pasti special banget! Silaturahmi ke sanak saudara, ke tetangga, berkumpul bersama keluarga, It was just perfect time for Muslim around the word!:)) Walau pun seumur umur baru kali ini ada lebaran kok diundur. It is okay, anyway. Hope it will not happen again forever.Hehehe…

20. September 10th 2011

My first time teaching elementary students in Sudirman!! Walau pun hanya 2 bulan jadi guru SD, tapi maha banyak pelajaran yang bisa aku dapatkan dari anak anak unyu itu, Suasana itu, kesempatan itu. Aku menulis beberapa kali di sini, sini dan sini. :D

21. September 4th 2011

Having A FUN time with PinQUeenz and young sister in Elangsari!

Alhamdulillah kita bisa bertemu lagi dengan formasi lengkap dan bersenang senang di Elangsari seperti yang aku ceritakan bulan September lalu di sini. It is worthy remembering!:D Thank you my bestfriends!:D

22. September 16th 2011

Our 4th anniversary! Nothing special sih, tidak ada perayaan apapun. Tapi, insyaAlloh taun depan lebih dari tahun ini. Dari aspek segalanya dari masing masing kita… I am so grateful having a relationship that long, though. More grateful having that lovely person who is him.:D

23. September 19th and 21st 2011.

It may be rather tragic and funny. We had decided to break up, but on the other day, we decided to start over again. The lesson is : Kita akan merasa indahnya saat memiliki saat kita tak lagi memiliki. I swear, love is absolutely complicated thing! It makes my life so much more colorful nevertheless.:D

24. October 1st – 2nd 2011

Welcoming Party Committee.

Alhamdulillah juga pernah ngerasain jadi panitia Malam Keakraban untuk mahasiswa baru. It was FUN! Senangnya juga ketemu lagi sama temen SMP yang tahun ini mendaftar di fakultas yang sama.

25. Nopember 6th 2011

My boyfriend’s family and I went to orphanage.

In order to celebrate my boyfriend’s sister’s 7-month pregnancy, I was invited to join with them going to orphanage. I was happy being a part of that celebration and met up many children. Here is my experience. Go straightaway!

26. Nopember 8th 2011

My first time giving private course for junior and senior high school.!! Karena waktu itu nggak tahu rumah siswanya, diantar Dantok (pacar,red) dan ditungguin ngelesi serta dianter pulang hujan hujan. It was just so sweet!! Itu juga pertama kali aku ngelesi. Deg deg-an dan teman temannya. Alhamdulillahnya makin terbiasa. Iso amarga kulino. Begitu pelajaran yang bisa aku ambil.:D ini kisahku, klik!

Nopember 24th 2011

Karena anaknya adiknya ibunya bapakmu menikah, jadilah aku nggak berangkat kuliah dan jadi penjaga buku tamu. kisahku terangkum di sini.:D

27. December 21st 2011

Having a date in SOLO!

It is the first time we went to Solo alone. About 2 years ago, we went there altogether with his sister. We watched movie entitled Poconggg juga Pocong. Gorgeous!

That's all!! Itukah sekelumit kisahku di tahun 2011. tidak semua sih, tetapi beberapa yang menurut aku worth remembering dan harus diabadikan dalam kata kata. kalau semua, capeeeek nulisnya.:))

That's me, all about me and my life, ups and down, happiness and sadness. All make me alive and grateful. So, Thank you:)