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Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Hang out with the big big family is the quality time I always wait for. And Alhamdulillah we could gather in my lovely aunt’s 40th birthday, January 3rd 2012 at Suharno 3, Jimbaran. Let me tell you about this memorable family gathering. My beloved grandmother who I love the most has 7 grandchildren and I am the eldest of all. We all joined on that day. But my father and my aunt’s husband didn’t because they had to go back to work. Fortunately, my grandfather; my mother’s father visited us, so they could join with us. My grandmother I’ve just told you is my father’s mother. See?? Confusing?? Ya gitu lah pokoknya…

And we ate the birthday cake together, durian, and also many kinds of fish cooked in many ways. It is the rare event because we are busy running around all the time. By the way my grandmother just has 3 children and my father is the eldest one. My uncle is number two, and my aunt who celebrated her birthday is the youngest. We are a happy big family ever!!

My cousins are lovable and I love them a lot. They swam and played together, and never forget to capture the pictures. We all love camera!!We had fun together and it was a gorgeous day for the Jasman’s big family. So, check it out our happiness in FUN family gathering to start this amazing new year!

The place is cozy and comfortable as well, increasing our happiness!

with my cousin, my aunt, and also my relative who is the daughter of the sister of my grandmother:D

the painting is just sooooo amazing!:D

it is my beloved mother with casual style:D

my cousins and the relatives I love the most!! They had just swam in the small swimming pool there.

With my younger sister, but not the youngest one!:D

This is it!! My story along the short holiday which ended already.:D
What about you??

Something I do realize is as long as we have time to spend the time with family, just do it.As long as God still gives us the chance to be together with our family, just use the time wisely. Because we never know what happen in 1 second ahead.

Love my family, Love your family. fulfill your heart with LOVE.
Meykke Santoso

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