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Kamis, 28 September 2017

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

When it comes to a competition, who won't be so excited??

In fact, we ARE so excited. We had a good first step for this new Academic Year 2017-2018 and we are about to share this happiness to you. 

But, wait, who is "WE"?

So, let's begin to make everything clear.

We are Al Jannah Islamic Nature and Science Elementary School students with me as one of the English teachers there. I, together with Ms Rahma had a chance to accompany and guide our great students to join an English competition.

We've just joined a competition held by LB LIA Cibubur to celebrate their 58th anniversary in September 24th 2017.  We've joined a "Show and Tell" Competition which was divided into two levels ; the first to the third grade level and the fourth to the sixth grade level. And the theme is the one which I'm so into.

Actually we had enough time to prepare everything beforehand because LB LIA sent the proposal to our school like more than a month before D-day. They required us to register all the participants by filling the forms and sending it back to them altogether with a one-minute video (kind of trailer) about the theme via email. But you know, working in a school never let you to sit back and relax :D

Finally, we only had like two days to arrange what they would say, record, edit, and send the videos to LB LIA. We were so afraid if nobody wasn't ready for the video since they were supposed to do it at home. No other choice since we ran out of time!! And in those two days, finally we had four candidates who were so eager to join the competition and could deal with such a deadline. They are my super sweet students; Ahna, Ahza, Nevan,and Ivy.

Took a pose right before the competition.

But, do you know what the theme is?

Nowadays, the children tend to be western-like in their daily life. They like western food, western culture, western outfit, western music etc. It doesn't mean that they're not allowed to do so, but at the same time, they leave their own identity.

What I like from this competition is about the theme. They held the competition not only for elementary schooler, but also for junior high and public. The competition for each level category is different, but they have one big topic. It's all about Indonesia; the cultures, traditions, and traditional food which I  love a lot.

So, this competition is one of good ways to attrack their interest towards Indonesian culture and everything inside. Students can enhance their English as well as maintain or preserve even revive their Indonesian culture since the culture itself is one of our identity. Indonesian proverb said row once, two and three islands you will pass through!! :D
We were all kind of afraid and nervous before the competition, indeed. But, finally all the students could make it. They've done their best and they've succeeded to cope with themselves; their hesitation, fear, nerve and boost their confidence. That's the most important thing!

Nevan tried his best to present Rendang. He had his poster to help the others understand about what he explained. Though there was such slight silence, but he could continue with such a stunning performance. It led him to the SECOND Winner of "Show and Tell" competition for level 1 to 3.

Ivy is the one who has good confidence and she could present "Cireng" without any obstacles. Though she ought to speak up more than 3 minutes, but it was beyond good for the start!!

Ahza, looks calm outside, but once she spoke in front of the judges, she could speak effortless and explain about Satay Padang very well. I like the way she moved her hands and some intonation she had. So cute!!

Ahna. She is Ahza's twin and same like Ahza, she could tell Chicken Curry totally well. She explained it smooothly, full of spirit. She can remember everything well and had a gorgeous performance. Thus, she's got the THIRD place for "Show and Tell" performance for level 4 to 6. CONGRATULATION!!

Alhamdulillah. I didn't expect that because other participants were just so good. Even some of them brought cooking utensils, the ingredients and the real food. They seems so eager to be a winner. But thanks, God! This is a great start for US.

Ahna's got the third Winner for "Show and Tell" Competition for lever 1-3

Nevan's got the second Winner of "Show and Tell" Competition for level 4-6
Totally excited!!

Actually, Being a winner is not one-person's work. We need many other supporters. And of course, we need a lot of efforts. So, what made us Win?

We've got the information from school since LB LIA sent the proposal to us. School facilitate our video like posting the announcement on Official Al Jannah School Facebook to give thumbs in our video so that we can boost our score for social media category. And it works a lot anyway. School gave us the facility as well such as school bus and the driver. But, because the D-day was Sunday, so we chose to gather straightaway in LB LIA at 8 am sharp. My students brought the whole family, anyway. :D

As the teachers, we also need to choose the candidates as our representatives for this competition. We need to see thoroughly and choose some students that we think they will be so eager and able to join it. We trained the students at school, worked with registration stuff, and accompanied them in D-Day.

How about the other teachers? We work as a team, and we could get the most LIKE on FB because we all support them!

This is the most important thing, I guess. The parents took a big role for deciding the food, the script, the way they talked (intonation, expression, hands movement), and the media they used.

We don't have much time to do at school because we have bunches of activities. But, in this time limitation, the parents could arrange time for them to improve their presentation at home.

And the essential part of this success is the parents' support. Thank you for the parents who always support the kids and prepare everything needed.

Every single support won't ever work if the one who will compete doesn't have any spirit and passion to compete. This is what I learnt from these amazing kids. They are busy, of course. We are a Full-Day School, from Monday to Friday and we had so many activities; not only activities inside the class, but also outdoor activities since we belong to nature and science school.

But, when I trained them, they could do it so well. Some parents sent the videos while they were presenting or sent me the poster and had some discussion about the media.

They were so passionate for the competition. Even some of them had their own cute costumes.

Ivy and her costume plus the real Cireng on her hands. So pretty and cute!!

Nevan and his best costume, together with poster about Rendang.
We consider four of them as the winners since they could deal with their anxiety, nerve, and fear. They succeeded to talk in front the judges and all people. They've done the best and we're extremely proud of them all. And for us, their braveness, all struggle and spirit are the one which really MATTER.
So, keep going, keep fighting and see you in the next competition.
Many thanks for LB LIA, Cibubur that gave us a chance to show the best and get the best as possible.

Miss Rahma and Miss Meykke :)

Meykke Santoso

I'm a passionate teacher, an excited blogger, a newbie traveler and a grateful wife. Nice to see you here! I write for fun. Please, enjoy!

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

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  1. Kereeeeen...masih SD aja udah jago englishnya hihi. Da akumah apa, udah gede gini juga englishnya masih belepotan. Baca postingan ini aja musti pelan-pelan banget biar paham artinya wkwk.

    Salut banget nih sama dedek-dedeknya, ibu gurunya juga pasti keren banget deh ngajarinnya :D Nggak heran deh kalo kak Mey seneng banget, secara salah satu kebanggaan seorang guru adalah ketika bisa melihat anak didiknya berhasil. Semangat terus kaaak! ^^

  2. Hai, salam kenal yaa. Saya dari LIA Martadinata nih :) Way to go, Cibubur!