The 3rd Day Challenge : My Favorite Loss

The 3rd Day Challenge : My Favorite Loss
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Selasa, 13 Juni 2017
Today I'm supposed to write about the worst loss or the loss that really hits me. And this is it! I've once lost someone that changed my life back then. But why did I call it as my favorite loss??

Lemme tell you a story.

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Some years ago I had a relationship with someone. We started everything at our 17. We were flooded with love, we were young and loving each other. We spent time and grew together. Time ran, years passed by and we still struggled for the next four years.

We ended our bond at 22 years old. At that time we were in the same university, but different faculty. The reason is because he couldn't continue such a relationship any longer that for me it is the sign that he fed up and he found another treasure. I was right, he fell in love with another girl and I fell out of love.

This is how our relationship reached the end.

As I graduated from college, I convinced myself to leave my hometown and run the brand new life ever. I moved to Jakarta. I struggled a lot to forget, I mean at least to forget my feeling towards him. Though I know pretty sure that it's damn difficult. At least, I tried.

Thanks God, I never experience separated from family or being left behind because of death. For my entire life, this is the most worst hit! I was being left behind by him and supposed to move on by my own. You know, I felt so stressed out at that time. I even wrote such a story about him in Hipwee so that he knew what I felt along this time, how hard my effort to get over him.

Well done, he read it. He told me that he read it, one year after I posted it, after I could get over him; After I could heal everything. WHY??

Because I believe that everything will fall into place. Love will find the way. And I found mine.

After I had crushed and had relationship with him for almost five years, then we broke up 5 years ago, then along that time I kept struggling to set my heart free and moving on, I found my way to a true love.

I found somebody that I believe to lay my heart on, that I respect and appreciate every single struggle he makes. I finally found somebody that I will spend my entire life with, share every laughter and tears with, do stupid things together with, and build a home with. I fell in love with somebody whom can be my imam/leader and we can reach Jannah together someday.

Finally, I got married after 6 months we first met each other. I only need 6 months to finally convinced myself that he is the one and decided to settle down.


I wrote this in Hipwee for my lovely one.

Some years ago I promised to myself, I would write the second story in Hipwee and it's about my happy-ending kind of story. I mean I will write there again once I found my heart and about to get married. I'm done!!

Now you know why I called it as my favorite loss. Losing my ex-boyfriend taught me many lesson, turned me into a brave person, and led me to him, my husband.

We've got married at April 16th 2017 and now we're writing our new chapter together. Hopefully we can face every phase of life together and getting closer than ever.

I'm joining the 7-Day-Writing Challenge by Basa Basi and Kampus Fiksi. Today is the #third 3rd Day!

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