What I have been doing recently

What I have been doing recently
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Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015

Recently I dont have time to publish many posts here. Even I dont have time to finish reading my book. I hardly have me-time. 

My office hours is from 9.30 up to 6 pm. I am an English teacher, remember? But now I created my own job after it. I added my work hours up to 8/8.30 pm everyday. After work, I always go to different places to give private course. Some months before Ied I set up my target. I said, "I have to have my own private course at night everyday! I have to teach at night class from Monday to Friday."

Now, I always arrive at my boarding house at around 9 pm. Once arriving at my room, I have to clean it first, have a dinner, wash my clotges, iron the dry one, make dishes, take a bath and finally I go bed. And sometimes I have to struggle to sleep since I cant sleep easily though I feel tired to the death. But, I love it since I can fulfill my target, one of my resolution for today. I have worked hard, as hard as I can. Actually what I did is because I have another target in financial. I wanna reach a certain or particular number/amount. Well, this month for the first time in forever I can reach and even pass that number, the one I wrote in my Bucket List!!!! 

What I believe the most is "If there is a will, there MUST be a way!!" 

But, as an impact, I really don't have time to write as I did. Though actually I have time at morning, starting 2 months I spend my morning from 8 am up to 10 am to attend a Tahsin class. I learn how to read hijaiyah letter correctly in order to read Quran well later. You know, I am the most stupid student there since I never learn it before. I just read Quran as I can without thinking whether its wrong or right. Now, I want to do it right though its very difficult for me to pronounce every hijaiyah. I need so much effort to do it. So, every Tuesday and Thursday I attend the Tahsin class before work. I leave boarding house at 8 am and arrive at 9 pm in those two days.

Now, since my cousin has already been in ju ior highr school which use English for daily conversation, she needs more inforcement in English, too. So, every Saturday and Sunday I go back to my aunt's house to teach her English. But, we also like to hang out to many malls in Jakarta or just eat out. I usually go there at Saturday night and go back to my boarding house at Monday morning since I have to go back work and repeat the routine activities I have. 

So, when do I have me time??

I have me-time every Saturday from 1 pm after work up to 6 pm. So, that's my officially holiday. I just need to take breath for 5 hours in a week. Sometimes I just lay down on my bed or do the housework. 

When I feel tired like my bone are broken into pieces, I always remind myself that its actually what I want. To get more, I have to do more. To get much much more, I have to do much much more. This year, I think I will just focus to my work. I still have one unaccomplished target. Writing my own comedy book! It stucks at the sixth chapter and I have to fit in myself in these tight schedule. After I get used to these routine, I think I will find a way to have time finishing my book.

Maybe after I get used to this, I can just sleep for 4 or 5 hours and spend the rest to write because at night my boarding house is so quite and I can think well. Or I just need to wake up soooo early since at night sometimes I have no more energy left.

But not only work damn hard, I always maintain my health so hard. I drink milk mixed with honey twice a day, I often do yoga at night or morning, I swim with my cousin on weekend, sometimes go jogging and eat healthy food. The thing I am scared a lot of is being sick since I live by my own and I don't have time to just lay down and be sick. I will feel homesick straightaway!!! And I get worse! Thats not good.

The hardest part is when I get PMS before get my period because I will be very sensitive, I feel ill all over the body and I have bad mood all day long. There comes a day that I feel fully sad without reason. 

One day I got PMS. I had a tight schedule, too. When being PMS, little problem looks like a super huge problem that will just ruin my day. I fed up, then what I could do just cried while riding my motorcycle since I had no time to cry at home. I was late and my mood was fully messed up. So I just cried on bike for 5 minutes before I arrived my workplace. At work, my face was really messy. 

Again, this is what I want. My lecturer once said, "Work hard, play hard!!" Since I like to go somewhere and go on travelling I have to work hard. I also have so many poa s to do in the future as well like have my own business, get merried and many others. 

I love my job. Teaching is my hobby and from there I can earn money. I just try to spend my time doing something usefull rather than just laying down and holding gadget after work. Still, I need to provide time for my other hobby, writing. I wont leave my blog alone. I wont leave my hobby that get rid of so much bad thoughts and capture every single precious moment that I have in my life. 

Hopefully I can still greet you with my stories here. Hope we can still make friends and pray for each other. FIGHTING!!! 

Meykke Santoso

I'm a passionate teacher, an excited blogger, a newbie traveler and a grateful wife. Nice to see you here! I write for fun. Please, enjoy!

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

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Terimakasih .... :)

  1. Its embarrassing that recently I consider myself as the busiest person on earth!!! But i just realized (after scrolling down this post) that i was not that busy T_T You are! You are much much much much busier than me. Hahah.

    But as usual, I would do the standard operating procedure here, I would say it again: "it is always nice to read your post again, miss meukeu!"

    Anyway, are you good enough to recognize who am I?

    1. Hudaaaaa!!! If only you are older than me. Hahaha

  2. Well, lately I didn't write that much either, if someone asked me why, I would just reply "Life happens"

    But every once in a while I will be back with new stories to share. And I hope you will, too =)

  3. my lecturer once said study hard = stressful.
    recently i just feel... feel... feeling blue. there's so many home work and... there's a big deal. fckin big deal. i feel tired with my english teacher's project. drive me insane. thank you. i heart you. you hurt me. oh shit man...

    maaf, bahasa inggris gue pas-pasan :(

  4. Gila komennya pakai bahasa Inggris semua, jadi minder sendiri nih. Maaf jadinya kalo gak nangkap keseluruhan isi blognya. Cuma mau kasih quote aja " Hardwork never disloyal" itu aja copy dari google. Haha semangat ya kak :)

  5. I do either, have a hardly me-time lately. While ppl around me sayin that I was busy person, its juts.. They does'nt realize that they're more busy than me, cause I just spending my whole time to doing my me time, LOL. But after read your blog post today, I think I'm gonna doing something more precious or something else. Thanks for sharing, it was motivated me.

  6. Mbak Meykke, it's always nice to read your stories. And i do love this one. I miss being productive as you do now, that makes you only have rest time for a few hours. Mbak, keep pray for each other! Wish we can reach our targets well, insyaAllah. Thanks for share :*

  7. Aku... Gak ngerti bahasa inggris. Bikin mata jadi @@ bacanya. Jadi bingung mau komen apaan huhuhu

    Da apa atuh aku mah, bahasa sunda aja masih belepotan, apalagi bahasa bule huhuhu

  8. mau komentar pake bahasa inggris tapi kempuan bahasa inggris pas-pasan..
    tapi kalo ngartiin masih bisa..
    semoga ditengaj kesibukannya mbak meyke tetep bisa bertahan dan bisa rajin nulis blognya.. hahaha

  9. fight! I like reading book too. And i think writing healthy, but i don't know,because i feel something when i write experience. If you tired, you should drink water still usually, because drink water, can make positive thinking, and make your body well, in the middle many much activity

  10. Busy or not that is your choice, right?
    I think you are the lucky woman, you love what you do. You're working with passion, not all people can be like you.

    Although you sacrifice your time to focus reach target, you seem look happy. It's mean you're enjoying your life :D

    So, good luck for you :)