Thanks God, I am blessed!!

Thanks God, I am blessed!!
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Selasa, 02 Juni 2015

Forget about all the comedies, all the stories and poem. Now I will not write all of them. I’m gonna write about me, because not all about me can bet laughed at. And sometimes life is not that funny. I’m not gonna write the sad stories too since my life is too interesting to be mourned. I welcome every morning without mourning. I feel blessed!!

Moreover everytime I pass my birthday. So many relatives and friends spend up prayers and wishes for me. My family, my relatives, my friends, and all of you. Just like the birthday I’ve just had. I was soooo happy because I have family, the lovely aunt, uncle and cousin who always support me, bestfriends and all lovely friends.

Now I am 24. Time flies damn fast, huh? I still remember when I and my childhood friends rode bicycles together going around the village, or rent the Bollywood CDs then endep up sobbing together in front of my friend’s TV in her house. I also still remember when I liked my classmate that was shorter than me. Then I used to take a peek from the small window in our class everytime he went out of the class. I just wanted to see his back. The moment when I used to go to game centre just for playing online game still lingers on my mind, too. Everything about past seems so clear as if it happened yesterday! But, I have to realize. Now, I am 24!! OMG, I AM 24!!
I didn’t think that time will fly as fast as this. To be honest, I feel like I am still 17 years old. I have to get my head straight so soon. Yes, not only getting older, I must get mature, too. As I grow up my life seems so complicated with so many loads I have to carry on. I have more responsibilities towards myself as an adult, towards my sisters as the oldest sister, and towards my parents as a daughter.

But, as I think about it, I feel really blessed. With all the hardworks, I start gaining what I want. I can reach the targets I set up in the beginning. Maybe I’m not further compared to the others like my friends, but I walk really far compared to where I was. I am really grateful. God is good, indeed.

In this 24 of course I have so many plans to do. Everyone wants, wishes, and hopes the bright future, including me! I’m working really hard now. I leave my boarding house at 9.30 am. I work up to 6 PM. Then I teach outside the office right after that for one hour and a half or two hours. I can arrive home at 9 PM. But the houseworks are waiting. I have to do the dishes, make my bed, clean my room, wash my clothes and of course take a bath. Sometimes I still have the energy to write or publish the blog. Or, if I feel exhausted I will sleep at 11 PM. I get up and it repeats over and over again.

Thus, in this age I have plans in the future as a teacher and a writer. First, I want to be a school teacher. Now I’m working in English course and I want to try something new. Maybe at first I will get smaller salary (not the same like in the English course I’m working on now), but being a school teacher can be more beneficial in some other ways, like I can build my skill and mentality when I teach in the bigger class with large number of students. Second, I will have long long holiday and I can travel more. I also can still teach outside school because I can go home more early. I really need change since I’ve been working here for almost two years.

The second one, I want to publish my own book. Well, I’ve told about it so many times, but I’m still work on it even until now. Maybe because I want the perfection. I ask lots of people to read it and there are so many different opinions about my writing. I feel confused and sometimes I’m afraid if my writing is that bad. So, it becomes the second big plan I set up for now.

I have other plans as well like travelling to many places, save more money, and so on. But I thing I haven’t included one thing that almost all women in my age wish for. I have no plan to settle down yet. I want it too like the others. But, if I think deeper about it, I’m not ready. I haven’t finished yet with my own life. I have so many goals I need to achieve before thinking about it. I need to fix myself and be the best version of me first. I don’t want him (the future husband) just accept as the way I am now. No, I’m still far away from being a good-wife wannabe. I’m lack of many things. That’s why, this is not right time to ask to search life-partner. Or maybe just because I haven’t found the right one.

I like the adventure, but not for this thing. I just want to meet somebody someday. Then we have the same mission and vision in life. We have the goals and that goal is to achieving all life-goals together, hand in hand. We promise to support each other. Not only love, we have sense of belonging and respect towards each other. That’s what I learn from Mario Teguh Golden Ways so far. Hahaha...

Last, I have to welcome my new age with new spirit, new soul, new experience, new plans and new life! I feel so blessed being me, Meykke who’s surrounding by so many lovely people. I feel so blessed being me, Meykke who has got through so many things in life but can stand up on my own feet with the straight head. I feel so blessed being me, Meykke who have a chance to experience all the moments, to have a chance to breath and have wonderful life up to now. Hopefully I can be blessing for the others like how they can be for me. Of course I feel so blessed having Alloh to always guide me to the light and lead me to the right path. I feel blessed as a moslem and will always be.

Thanks God, I am blessed!! 

Meykke Santoso

I'm a passionate teacher, an excited blogger, a newbie traveler and a grateful wife. Nice to see you here! I write for fun. Please, enjoy!

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

Terimakasih sudah mampir ke sini ya... Yuk kita jalin silaturahmi dengan saling meninggalkan jejak di kolom komentar.

Terimakasih .... :)

  1. Hem, happy birthday mbak. Sorry i just know after reading this. In this year I also 24, but at October. You older than me. :D

    bicara soal usia 24 itu, ehem pasti banayk soal pernikahan. Terutama perempuan. Tetapi tentunya seperti yang mbak bilang, semoga dapat menemukan orang tepat. Yang bisa saling mendukung, tidak hanya tentang cinta tetapi seluurhnya. Amin.

  2. Dear, Mbak Meykke..
    thanks for sharing your birthday wishes, hm.. i cry a little bit, not because i'm sad, but your writing make me realize again that "yes, there's so many thing i have ro do before i have my 24". I shouldnt be lazy if i want the dreams come true. I have to do my best like you, Mbak Meykke.
    May Allah alwayas guide us, aamiin

    Best regards,
    Zi :))