"WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!" is more than just words

"WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE!" is more than just words
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Kamis, 17 Juli 2014

Surprisingly I have been stayed in this big city for almost a year. I still remember that day, September 2nd 2013 was my first day working here. I struggled a lot to fit myself in it. I am a villager who tries to make a living in a grand new place. I am not gonna tell you again about the reasons why I had a gut to move here. You will be fed up. It’s an old story that maybe all of you have already known about it.

For this year, I have learned a lot.

“Welcome to the jungle!” My friends said once I wore toga, smiling totally brightly. That day was my brightest day ever back then. Now, I exactly know what jungle means. Workplace is never the same as the places I got used to before. It’s really different because everybody bring their own concern. Everybody think about themselves more. Everybody tend to put their sake above the others'.  Everybody wants to be safe.

“Welcome to the jungle” is not just a figment. A big NO. I thought that workplace had a lot of fun. I thought it would be soooooooooo amazing finding out myself with wallet full of money. I thought it would be soo fabulous thinking about me making some money by my own. But just wait until I find out something!

It is undeniable that everybody would find out obstacle or difficulty at the first time. Eveybody needs time to adjust and adapt themselves in the new environment, so do I. I studied more about how to teach well, how to cope with children and the stuff. I failed and tried again. At one point, I had a confidence to teach children and above. From feeling extremely stressed out dealing with children in age 2 years old and more I encouraged myself to grab their hearts and become their friends inside the class. Once they get comfortable, they can absorb what I teach pretty well.

But I have learnt about another lesson so soon. Working is not only about doing your work/job/responsibility. More than that, working teaches me how to have a strong heart. It’s like living in the jungle. There are lions, snakes, poisonous plants, crocodile, and many more. We have to be careful. Once we get in the wrong way, we will end up with nothing. Even though we get the right track, there will be someone or people try to knock us down to the cliff.

Working teaches me about more than just how to deal with students. It is not my complain about everything happened here. Rather than complaining, I want to say thank you a lot. I used to think a lot about what others thinking about me. But thanks, I don’t care anymore. I used to overthink about problems, but thanks, I just make it easy now. I used to hold a grudge to people hurting me, but thanks I can forgive easily althought forgetting is another matter now. There was and there is and there will be a day that you feel unfair and you are treated unfairly. There must be a day like that in the workplace. When I found it out for the first time, I was stressed out. I had no idea. I wanted to go home. I told all the stories to my bestfriend hoping I would be a lot better. As time goes by, I learn that well it’s what people call as LIFE, indeed!! It’s the so-called workplace. Gossiping does exist and we cannot control others’ mouth, but we surely can control our own mouth and reaction. Even sometimes we become the suspect of something we never do, NEVER. I repeat again, NEVER.

In this point I know what my friends say about “Welcome to the Jungle!” I also hear from my other friends that have experienced almost the same thing. I think all workplaces are just the same, because people tend to do the same way. In this dangerous jungle, I keep learning on how to put on the strong boots, the waterproof coat, the compass, the thick hat, the accurate map and the strong heart. Least but the most important, I bring God in every single step so that I do the best and let God do the rest. 

Oh no, I don't have intention or aim to say that I work in a horrible workplace. A BIG NO!! Here I learn more about life and the stuff. I learn how to maintain the relationship with the workmates whatever the condition is. I have developed my skill in many ways. I find out so many life-lesson I never gain before. This workplace is the starting point for me to walk further, knowing more about life and the stuff. I am so happy being part of that team. Thanks, God!
Meykke Santoso

I'm a passionate teacher, an excited blogger, a newbie traveler and a grateful wife. Nice to see you here! I write for fun. Please, enjoy!

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

Terimakasih sudah mampir ke sini ya... Yuk kita jalin silaturahmi dengan saling meninggalkan jejak di kolom komentar.

Terimakasih .... :)

  1. *mikir keras* Butuh waktu sekian menit untuk trenslet di gugel, kak. hahaha
    Alhamdulillah, bisa ngerti postingan yang nggak pake bahasa indonesia ini.
    Sempet mikir mungkin ini cuma awal2 aja, abis itu pasti pake bhs Indonesia. Ternyata pake bahasa orang sono.
    Welcome to the jungle ya kak!
    Semoga hidupnya makin kece dan makin banyak pengalamannya! :)

  2. Bookmark dulu, pusing nerjemahinnya di sini, hehe, butuh bantuan transtool soalnya gak punya kamus cetak.
    Sekadar ninggalin jejak untuk nanti insya Allah akan kembali.
    Mey sih gape English, huhu.

  3. Selamat datang di dunia baru. Semoga teman baru, tempat baru, dan sahabat baru menjadikan Meyke seseorang yang kuat, teguh, mandiir, dan berdedikasi untuk meneruskan aktualisasi mimpi mimpi lain yang belum terwujud.

    Say, hello to experience! ^^

  4. Setelah nerjemahin pakai Transtool pagi ini jadi paham. Yah, dalam dunia baru bernama kota memang seakan rimba raya penuh pemangsa yang berbahaya, namun ada keindahan dan kekuatan dari sana. Jalinan persahabatan, petualangan, peluang, pengembangan diri, sekaligus keyakinan akan doa dan harapan pada Allah.
    Tetap bersandar pada Allah, Mey. Semoga beroleh yang terbaik demi masa depan yang lebih baik lagi. Aamiin.

  5. Aduh aku harus komen pakek bahasa inggris juga gak nih Kak Mey? :3 grammarku masih berantakan. Bahasa indonesia aja deh... :D

    Ehm, dunia kerja emang keras kak, aku pernah dapet curhatan dari seseorang kalo di dalam tempat kerjanya itu orang-orangnya saling sikut menyikut, ayahku juga bilang kalo di dunia kerja itu gak ada yang namanya bener-bener teman. Kita bekerja untuk mendapatkan tujuan masing-masing, sekalipun kerjanya dalam bentuk group atau kerja sama.

    Gatau deh, aku masih bau bawang masih belom ngerti dan belum bener-bener masuk dalam dunia kerja ._.
    Tapi Kak Meyke juga bener, inilah yang dinamakan hidup. Selamat datang di hutan, dimana yang kuat dan unggulah yang akan berkuasa hahahaha

  6. Keren banget kak Meykke Bahasa Inggrishnya. salut deh (y)
    Butuh bantuan google dulu nih kak. hehe

  7. انا لاافهم ماتقال فى كل ناطقكم
    salam kenal yah heeee,, ulun orang kotabaru

  8. I'm feeling it right now. I have sidework that makes me bored. I also find org yg gk ramah. Some times I felt down when knowing that there are students that is unhappy learning with me. uhuhu

  9. Dunia baru pasti tantangan baru dan harus punya expectation yang wow juga.

  10. aduh kak mey, ini awalnya masih fokus tapi sampai tengah jalan hilang konsentrasi saya. hehehe
    yah sedikit nangkep intinyalah, semoga gak salah.
    Semangat dengan kehidupan barunya, meskipun semua itu keras.
    tapi kak mey pasti bisa ^^

  11. Oopss i realize that i haven't commented on it, okay, okay..

    Based on what you wrote above, i got several points..

    first, there's no good place without the dark side, even in the workplace we always wanted to before..

    second, the new strange environment out there teaches us a lot of important thing to survive..

    and the last, we can't control what people do around us, but we still can control our reaction! Yeah, those are the point and i just can't wait to get inside the jungle! The different jungle from yours exactly.. haha

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