God is indeed GOOD.

God is indeed GOOD.
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Senin, 31 Maret 2014

Dear God,

Today I am writing this to You as my gratitude because You are so much good to me. My real life began once I graduated to that lovely university. I prayed to You at that time,

“God, bring me away...lead me the way...” I was getting through the breakup and I was just totally broken. I also had so many uncomplished dreams.  Then you answered my prayers. Thus, I could go away and step on this kind of place. I know this place is not really good, but you always give me nice people to take care of me.

You give me a good job that can definitely change my perpective about children. I disliked them because they were such a burdensome for me. Now, I do love them whole-heartedly! You let me get through the difficult path in order to strengthen my leg and heart. You lead me to the unknown place in order to gain some lessons from it. Once you give me exam, you have already given to me the material to study first.
God, you know I am totally grateful with kind of life Iam living in now. You provide everything I need. You give me so many blessings here. I know life is not easy, but with You beside me, I can accomplish everything I wish.

God, when I stayed in tiny bedroom in my dorm, I sent up the prayer for you..

“It would be nice if I can move to the bigger room so I can put a table in one corner and stick the sea picture on the wall. I will call that corner as my ‘writing corner’. I will have enough space to have such a corner with one table and so many pictures on the wall.”

Then what happened? Some weeks after that day, my dorm-mate said to me that she would be out and I could move to her room which is the biggest one. My small dream then came true. Now I have enough space to have one table in one corner and I can write there. I also sticked a ‘sea picture’ exactly above the table. I can write and see ‘the beach’ right in front of me then.

I used to be naive and thought that friends are friends. Later I realized something. I cannot totally believe with friend in work-place. There will be time that they talk something bad about me in my back. I still pray. Can I have a work-mate who can make a better me, who I can reflect on, who will not talk behind me?
Sometime ago there was a new work-mate. She dress up herself just like my bestfriend, Umami. I know she is kind. And she indeed is. Sometimes I want to be like her, and I will absolutely be like her one day, wearing a wide long hijab with long skirt. Still, I know work-mate is different with other friends. But, she looks so pretty outside and inside. God has just answered my prayers then.

In the dorm, I feel totally lonely. I have friends, but they never talk to me since they always lock themselves in their rooms. We never watch TV together or have dinner together or hang out together like what I imagined in very first time. They are all busy. Then, I pray..

“How nice it would be if I have a new dorm-mate who can make friends with. We can eat together, watch TV together, talk about our life and do many things together. We are living in the same roof, anyway..why we don’t ‘live’ together then?”

Two days ago my new dorm-mate come. Guess it where does she from???


Just in the first sight we can make friends! Today we eat lunch together and watch TV in my bedroom together. We talk a lot about hobbies and life.

“If you wanna go somewhere and you need friend just call me, we can go together.” It is exactly what I wished.

Then God, I am wondering why are you so nice... and please take care of me, an ordinary woman who tries damn hard to get every dream she wishes.

God, You always give me so many surprises that I even never imagine before. You make me so strong in facing everything happened in my life. I once experienced the really damn horrible thing. I once said that my life was just a can of trash. But You opened my eyes and led me to the good place.

Here You provides me with good job to work in, good food to eat, good experience to learn, good family and friends to live with, good life to live in.

God, You are so nice...

I am writing this to say how grateful I am to have such a life. My life is not easy. I cannot buy everything just by clicking my finger. I have to do such hard effort to be in where I am. But, God is standing right beside me all the time. What am I afraid of then?

God, You are so nice. You lead me to the best place, and please lead me to the best places in life. Please lead me to the best one. I’ll do my best.

God, thank You so much...You are good...You indeed are...

Meykke Santoso

I'm a passionate teacher, an excited blogger, a newbie traveler and a grateful wife. Nice to see you here! I write for fun. Please, enjoy!

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

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