My Three-Month Challenge is OVER

My Three-Month Challenge is OVER
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Jumat, 29 November 2013

God knows the best.
Finally,  I have worked here for three months.
For me,  the first month is the hardest month ever! It was the moment I have to struggle so damn hard to deal with the new environment,  deal with all the children I didn't get used to before. Even when you ask my opinion about children,  errrr.....I don't like children. But it doesn't mean I hate them. It simply because I never play with children or I never let myself to be closer to children. They are little bit iritating.
All the opinions,  feeling disappeared after I work for this 3 months.
I surely understand that the beginning of every work must be hard. What I need to do is just survive, try to deal with it and get it through,  and of course I have to beat it, win over it!!
I try so hard how to teach children,  how to make them like me,  how to treat them,  and how to make them CLEVER.
The second month I began to get used to my work environment. I step by step began to understand how to treat children,  how to mingle with them. I don't have to be their teacher all the time,  but I need to be their friend. Once they feel comfortable with me,  they can easily absord what I teach to them. I think that is the key.
Children can know which one is fake and which one is real.
And on this third month,  I am no more a trainee. My probation period is officially over through this letter.
This letter prove me that if there is a will there must be a way!
Just teach with heart and let God do the rest.
Now,  I have chosen what I will do.I love teaching and I'm sure through teaching I can help so many people and children.
Thank to God who guide my path this far. What I did months ago is indeed worth-doing!!
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Meykke Santoso

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Assalamualaikum wr wb,

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Terimakasih .... :)

  1. Congratulations, Mey..
    May you be a great, warm, success and lovable teacher in the future.

  2. AAAAA congratulation kak :)
    Semoga menjadi guru yang baik bagi bangsa dan negara kak ;)

  3. ini ceritanya udah resmi diterima ya kak ga cuma training doang? bener ga sih?? -____- kalo iya selamat ya kak mey......
    cemungudh cemungudh eaaaahhh :p eh kita sama loh kak ga suka anak kecil, jangan2 kita jodoh :O

  4. Selamat-selamat kak Mey, ehh kok pada nggak suka anak kecil sih? Akunya malah demen banget sama anak kecil >.<

  5. Yeay,, finally you worked it! Now You know how to treath them ya, but always need an extra patiently on it. Esspecially with a hyperactive kids. Congrats Meyke!

  6. selamat ya
    semangat mengajar, kalau gak kita mau siapa lagi. mendidik anak membutuhkan kesabaran yang tinggi.

  7. jadi kak Meyke di terima kerja.. waaahh selamat yaaa kak... kayaknya lagi ketiban beruntung niih