Along The Road Heading To Ungaran

Along The Road Heading To Ungaran
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Kamis, 17 Oktober 2013
Monday, October 15 2013.

That morning at 6.30 am. My father and I were so ready to go to Ungaran.

“Dad, I need a driving lisence since I want to ride motorbike in Jakarta.” I said. My aunt helped me to make my wish comes true. Then, finally I went back to Semarang in order to make it.

I sat down at the back and my father rode the motorbike heading to Ungaran. I could see the big green mountain with a wide rice-field lying down in front of it. Trees are everywhere. I could feel the morning breeze as much as I can. This cool breeze is a rare thing for me now. I do love this place. Nice view, fresh air, and nice people. If I get lost in this place, I could ask to everybody because I believe that they would help me. But If I get lost in Jakarta, don’t ask everybody except a police or you will be in the bigger trouble. You would get lost more.

I really love this place. I have sweet life here.

But, I don’t wanna just stay in comfortable place forever. Sometimes, I wanna go over the border and see what is outside my border? How does it feel living outside my box? What will happen to me if I go across the border?

Thus, now I’m living in Jakarta.

Talking about my father, given a ride by him like that reminded me about my childhood. At that time, the thing I like the most when I was a kid is riding the motorbike with my father. He ran his motorbike soooooooooo fast!!!! And the weird thing is I was not scared, I even enjoyed it!

My father’s pride was his motorbike. It was Tiger, red Tiger motorbike and it was so cool!! I liked it a lot. 

Almost everyday my father gave me a ride and moved around the town with it. When my father ran so fast with the motorbike, I would be so excited. I felt the air crushing on me, and it was fantastic!!

I love speed since back then.

Then, I had to continue my school.

“Dad, I want to continue my school. I wanna be bachelor. I don’t wanna stop here.”

And my father made my dreams come true. How come?

My father sold his Tiger to pay my school.

For me,that was the saddest moment of my life. As I walked in my college, I promised to myself. I will graduate on time with cumlaude. And, I did it.

My father kept riding his motorbike with me at the back along the road. I though a lot.

Thanks to Alloh, I never have experience losing the family’s member because one of them died. I haven’t experienced it. But I have the most terrible day in my life.

 It is when my father suffered a stroke. I see with my own eyes when my father went back from somewhere and suddenly he could not walk like usual, and at that time, he was going to take medicine, but suddenly he could not hold it and the medicine fell down. And when he was going to take it,he cannot hold it. And when I saw his face, half of his face kind of going down and half of his lips went down, too. And after that, I ran straightaway and I even forgot to put on sandals. I ran to my grandmother’s house and told them about what I had just seen. But, when I went back home, my father was okay like usual!! He was normal again. I forced him to go to a hospital straightaway, but he said to just wait..

I could not sleep for two days, I would wake up and went out to check my father whether he was breathing or not. That was the most scary day I have ever had in my life. Well, my father suffered a stroke and he had to stay in the hospital for around 2 weeks. Everymorning I accompanied him to walk around because he could not walk.

Thanks to God, now my father is so okay. He can even ride motorbike and accompany me to make a driving lisence. Along the road I though a lot. 

In this universe, the most important thing in my life is my family, my big family. My mother, my father, my sisters, my grandmother, my grandfather, my aunts, my cousins, all of my family. Now, what’s inside my mind is how to make them happy, how to help my sisters to catch their dreams. For now, I have no willing to have a crush with somebody else.

Meykke Santoso

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  1. "Now, what’s inside my mind is how to make them happy" :))))
    insya Allah o;)

  2. Foto yang pertama laki banget, super greget ! :D

  3. duh kak mei :'""")
    btw, itu kak mei udah jadi anak motor gede sejak kecil? hahahaha wow :))))

    1. kenapa Vid? bhehehe
      itu motor biasa sih cuma agak gede tapi bukan motor gede..iya nggak sih?@.@

  4. wah bakalan jadi pembalap cewek hebat nih hihi :DD

  5. astaga kak meykeeee gaul amat pas masih kecil udeh naik motor gede -_-

  6. amiin..semoga keluarga menjadikan keluarga besar bahagia dunia akgirat mbak mey...

    merepotkan orang tua memang menyedihakn....tapi kita harus mampu untuk emmbuktikan kita mampu

    1. amiin Mot...

      iyaaaah, benar, cemunguth!!!

  7. syukurlah. Bapaknya sehat lg. Semoga sampe seterusnya jd lu bisa diajak kemana2 yg lbh jauh ^^

  8. alhamduliilah semoga bapaknya mbak meyke diberikan kesehatan selalu yaaa, terharu bacanya :")

  9. nice long trip.. and very very good father :')

  10. foto pas kecilnya centil abis, eh pas udah gede....*isi sendiri*

  11. perjalanan yang menyenangkan kak

  12. alhamdulillah udah sembuh. mudah mudahan bapaknya terus diberi kesehatan ya :) tumben pakai bahasa inggris hehehe

    1. aamiiin, iya mau gue biasain Kuh biar kagak ilang nih kosakata gue niiih behehehe

  13. perjalanannya sangat serru nich..
    sip,, mantaps banget..

  14. Foto2 kecilku hilang :(
    *jadi curhat* -_-

  15. alhamdulillah deh kak mey udah sehat ayahnya :)

  16. Foto pertamamu meyk tolooong. -__-