God is good


The only thing I can say.

Caring family, supporting bestfriends, and super amazing God.

Let’s talk about life. Let’s talk about my life. After succeeded in passing college life and become education bachelor, I had one dream written in my bucket list. I want to live independently, I want to try living far away from my family who has been together in my 22 year-old life. And now, I am living in 551 kilometres away from my hometown. I can’t see my mother in the morning and ask to her,

“Mam, have you cooked any meals?”


“Today what will I have for my breakfast, mom?”

Instead, I grab 2 slices of bread and add some margarine or milk. I eat by my own. Now, I live indepently and I can work in the education field here for my living.

God is good. God is indeed good. He leads me the way to the place where I am in now with all the facilities I need. God sends me a caring family; a mother who always wake me up in the morning although we are in 551 kilometres away, a father who gives me the freedom to choose my dream and make it true, a younger sisters who amuse me and care about me. They call me everyday just to ask my health, ask about my work, whether I can get it through or not.

God sends me an amazing family, an uncle, an aunt and a cousin who turn into my hero!! They provides me the place to live, they shows me the way here and because of them I get the job here. They give me so many facilities and support me in financial so I can get a boarding house and I am not penniless. All the things I need, they fulfill them for me. God is so good, indeed...

God sends me amazing bestfriends who I can call and talk to while I’m crying. They support me abundantly and never ask for return. They say,  ““Meykke I’m sure you can!!”,Meykke it is okay, everything would be alright!”, “Meykke, cemunguuuuuuuthhh!!”. They are all my another hero in my life. I can ask  about everything to them. Uma, Dany, Ellen, Inggit, Vince, and all my friends. ‘Thanks’ is not enough to cover all the things they have done to me.

God leads me the way how to have a colorful life. God.........sometimes I even think that all the things He gives to me is too good. I haven’t done anything for many people. Sometimes I just think about my self. Sometimes I just think about how to buy this, how to aim this target, how to get this dream, but I have done nothing for the others. And God is so good.

God is the only one knowing how I really am so well although I can’t be His good fellow who following all He says and ignoring all He prohibits. Not yet...

God gives me chance, God gives me time, God gives me everything the best for my life.

I’m not yet satisfied with all I get, but it is more than just gratitude having such a life. God is so good. God is indeed so good.


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  2. Subhanallah.. Sungguh Allah itu Maha Besar. God give everything the best for our life. Sungguh nikmat-Nya tiada tara :')

  3. aaaah iya kak. Allah selalu memberikan yang terbaik untuk kita. tapi kitanya malah kadang lupa untuk bersyukur. peeftpefttpeffttt. ayok mengucap alhamdulillah untuk apa yang Allah telah berikan untuk hidup kita! ALHAMDULILLAH :')

    God is so good. God is indeed so good. :'')

  4. waaah hidup elo kayaknya asik ya Meyk ..
    walpon jauh dari ortu tapi keliatannya gak masalah ,,, ada aja yang ngebatu elo disana , temen2 juga selalu support ..
    ini konspirasi semesta biar elo makin tangguh sebagai cewek .. elo udah bisa lepas dari zona nyaman, hebat!

  5. Salut deh buat Meyke, absolutely God is Good :)

  6. Jauh dari ortu ya, jujur aku sampe skrg blm prnh jauh dr ortu. Pasti ngangenin. Semoga mimpi2 mu tercapai di tempat yg baru..

  7. setuju sama kak meyk, kalo kita bener-bener mikir apa ajasih yang Tuhan kasih ke kita, maka jawabannya gak akan pernah cukup ditulis dengan berlembar-lembar kertas, berliter-liter tinta, sungguh Allah maha Pemurah, lagi maha Penyayang.

  8. ohiyaaa sering-sering bikin postingan pake English ya kak ._. buat belajar, makasih :D

  9. God is Good, all the time.

    no wonder lah, ahaha~

  10. God is Good. postingan english nih.. yah Allah Maha baik ..memberi segala hal yang kita butukan jadi sekedar give thanks to Allah aj emang gak cukup dengan ucapan doang... Mari selalu bersyukur:)

  11. Karena manusia butuh waktu untuk menebak kehendak tuhan :D
    yang penting selalu ada hal yang bisa disyukuri di segala kondisi :D


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