If God Says, "Ok guys, Time is up!"

If God Says, "Ok guys, Time is up!"
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Jumat, 09 Agustus 2013

Few days ago together with my grandparents and younger sisters I visited some memorial gardens since the parents of my grandparents have been placed in some different places. I even visited catolic memorial garden with all beautiful graves there, the grave of my grandfather’s mother.

As I got off the car, we entered the first memorial garden, a quite wide humid land with many gravestones all around. Some were new, some were quite old with some fallen-leaves covered them, and the rest were totally damaged like noone takes care of it.

At that time, we were the only visitors, it was indeed still morning. Visiting the relatives or forefathers at the end of Ramadhan, approching Ied Day is one of our tradition, so it is a must for us to send up our prayers and bring the roses to spread all over the grave.  

So quite there, my grandmother was praying in front of her mother’s grave that I’ve never seen. I was following her and sending up my prayers to her. I feel so grateful because I have never lost relatives or family. I mean, I still have complete grandparents from both my mother and my father. So, everytime I visit the memorial garden, I visit my grandparents’ parents and their relatives.

While I was praying for her, my mind was going around.

It is where I finally end up at later on...

All people I always meet everyday will be here as well. I just feel like deeply sad in sudden.

When will my turn come?
What age?
What happen?

All the questions are popping up my mind without stop. I never experience losing someone because he/she dies. I don’t know how it feels and of course I don’t want it to happen.

And I just think if I am the one who lay down inside here, alone, in the darkness, without pillow or blanket. If rain comes I would be freezing and wet. If it is so sunny then I would be so hot deep inside here.

And if now I am sending up the prayers for her, later on I would be the one who is received such prayers from my relatives or maybe from my children. Well, it would be my children if I have chance to have them, if not??

Imagining all those stuff makes me scared.

And if now I can pray together with my family at our house, one day there would be a day I have to pray in front of ‘them’, pray to save them from damnation and place them in the most beautiful place God has.

And if now we can share laughter with family and friends, we can call them, visit them and eat together, then there comes a day we no longer do such a thing together, because we can’t.

And one by one they would go, and at the end of our time, we finally go.

Then what will happen after that?

Have you ever thought about it?

Meykke Santoso

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Assalamualaikum wr wb,

Terimakasih sudah mampir ke sini ya... Yuk kita jalin silaturahmi dengan saling meninggalkan jejak di kolom komentar.

Terimakasih .... :)

  1. Ever. But never get a long time to forget it..
    Ngebacanya, berasa hampa, siang-siang gini, sepi banget, panas, diingetin yang begini, jleb :/
    merasa, sering nyia-nyiain waktu, nyia-nyiain orang-orang baik di sekitar..
    Kebanyakan mijetin hape! Heuheu u,u
    sholat dulu ah :'D

  2. Postingannya ngeri. Sometimes I wonder what actually is happening down there. And how the dead actually feels down there.

    When I was a kid, I think being 20 will take forever. But when I turn 20s, I'm surprised of how time flies. Then I think of how another 20 years will fly as well, and the next 20 years will too. And I realized that death is coming closer every second. When it's the time, what will happen?

    1. iya, aku jga nulisnya ngeri nih Nis @.@

      exactly the sama, Nis... I am wondering what I will be later ten years, next 20 years...just God knows @.@

  3. jago yaa bahasa inggrisnya, aah keren :)

  4. duh, makin banyak aja ni anak BE yang bikin postingan full bahasa inggris ehehe

    kalo mendengar kata 'kematian' memang agak gimana gitu ya. tapi harus disadari juga sih kalo setiap yg bernyawa itu pasti mati. tugas kita hanya mempersiapkan bekal.

    1. iya, betul sekali cc Enda :D
      mari menabung bekal sebanyak banyaknya...

  5. That's why people tell us to take some learnings from the grave. Learn to appreciate the time we still have and the people who are still with us, together in this world.

  6. God is the fairest creature in the universe, maybe if we all have ended in nature barzah gathered for the collection of sin, who should be in heaven? we dont know it!

  7. Saya juga pernah berpikir entah apa yang terjadi dalam sana.
    Tapi semua itu telah dijelaskann dalam pedoman hidup kita, al'quran...

  8. aku jg suka takut kalo memikirkan tentang kematian, apa lagi harus kehilangan karna kematian, entah apa yg terjadi nanti di sana itu semua tergantung sama apa yg udah kita lakukan di sini, saat ini.

    1. ah, benerrr.. mumpung ada waktukita harus beramal yang banyak :D

  9. oke, kenapa jadi banyak yang nulis post makek basa inggris gini sih, sumpah gue gak ngerti....

  10. kalo gue sih gak pernah berfikir kesitu. Atau nyoba berandai2. Lakuin yg bisa dilakuin hari ini. Besok siapa yg tau :)

    1. yaaah, kadang emang kita harus inget mati biar ibadah buat bekalnya juga bisa semakin getol Yog @.@

  11. sometimes I think about it, but not every day because it's all divine secrets.

    ada pribahasa mengatakan kalo kematian adalah guru terbaik,

    1. ah, tapi gue ga ngeri dari maksut ato arti gimana caranya kematian jadi guru terbaik?? mungkin ilmu gue belum sampe segitu apa ya? @.@