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Kamis, 08 Agustus 2013
Yuhuuu...setelah saya menonton drama Korea, akhirnya saya bisa menulis ini..Kisahnya berdasarkan saya yang tonton. Oke sip.

Everything is gonna be alright, I will be away soon..

I must be away so soon unless I am just like running on a treadmill..

I have been running from sun rises until it disappears.

I am trying so hard, but then if I am still staying in the same place, it’s useless

No matter how hard I try to bury all the things left

Then it would be left in my heart still

The place where our memories exist in every single corner,

How come I erase all of them? The fact is erasing them is just like memorizing something that never happens.

I must be crazy, time is still keeping on, but I am still here alone

With you running around my head, my mind, my heart,
I must be crazy!!!

And if I don’t go away soon, I can be a real mad.

Love is that pain, no matter how hard I am saying to myself,

“You can do this!! Just work from morning until night! Just go travelling and be happy!! Just laugh as much as you can with your friends, go everywhere you want!!!”

Every morning once I wake up, I would say,

“Good Morning, myself! Look, life is so incredible!! What are you doing today??? Oke good, you are so busyyy, you are good, good job!!!”

Then I would go working. I would go back at night, go to bath with hot water mixed with salt,

I am so ok back then.. I am so ok...

But the problem coming up when I do nothing for the whole day like todays. I just lay down on my bed while watching the movies, or reading books, or just do nothing!

What else do I have to think about then??

You keep on popping up in my mind. I want to call you to listen to your voice, but I dont want to. I want to text you and ask 'how's life?', but I dont want to. I want to meet, ash.....I think we will never meet each other again. 

In one day, I think I can get over you. And in another day, I just feel you were the one I have ever loved the most for such a long time. You knew me, almost all about me. You were the closest male human I've ever had. You.....

Ok fine, you even pass by in my mind when I work, and now you stay in my mind. And you appear everyday.

I have nothing to do. It is because I have nothing to do. I shoud go back working, find out the activities so I can go around all the day.

Not only working, I have to open up my grand new life in the new place. It is useless if I keep busy in the same place where we used to spend the day together for years.

Now I am on fire to leave this place. You were once my motivation to keep on moving forward and be the best as possible, and you are even my motivation to go out of the safe box in order to move on....from you. What an amazing you.

I hope nothing from you. I just hope to be busy, to work as soon as possible in far far away, to start a new page by my own, to.....move on.

I’m sure I can do it!! I can!!! Fightiiiiing!!!!!

Meykke Santoso

I'm a passionate teacher, an excited blogger, a newbie traveler and a grateful wife. Nice to see you here! I write for fun. Please, enjoy!

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

Terimakasih sudah mampir ke sini ya... Yuk kita jalin silaturahmi dengan saling meninggalkan jejak di kolom komentar.

Terimakasih .... :)

  1. go move on go move on go go....
    If you believe you can do it ! fighting ;)

  2. I love bathing in hot water and bathing salt! Especially the one with colors and aromatherapy fragrances.

    Keeping yourself busy is indeed a way to get rid of the useless thinking. And yes, go to a new place and meet new people! You can't be stuck forever at a certain point of your life.

    Kamu nonton drama Korea apa, Mey? Jadi ini bukan curhatan galau kan ya?

    1. I love it, too..but if I run out of kind of that salt, I use the common salt for cooking..hehehehe...the one with quite big shape.

      I want it so bad, I want to fly away from here and do such a brand new thing with brand new people around me.


  3. Yeah, keep fight kak mey (9`^`)9

    anyway, aku agak pusing dg bahasanya :D
    Tp ngerti kok, walau pun nggak 100% ;)
    by the way, kirain tentang BE's birthday :D hehe

    at least, tetep, minal aidin wal faizin kak mey, maaf lahir batin :')

  4. oh gitu? *ngangguk2*
    kak meiii pasti bisaaaa! pasti bissaaaa *bawa pompom*
    eh ini bukan tjurhat ya? drama korea apa emang kak?

  5. Yeahhhh FIGHTING!! *ngerti yg terakhir doang* ( ._.")

    Minal aidin walfaidzin mey,, selamat atas wisudanya :')

    1. hehehe...

      iya makasih anyak Rick doain cepetan dapat kerja yaaa :D
      mohon maaf lahir batin juga :D

  6. kayak curhatan galau tentang move on yaa.. *eh

  7. Ehm... ini yang gue gak seneng. inggrisnya keluar mentang2 udah wisuda aja.. *translate mana translate*

    oiya. minal aidin wal faizin ya..!!

    1. behehe, sama sekalian belajar bahasa Inggris lo Johan..
      iyaa maapin juga ya :D

  8. ohh intinya move on ya?bener ga sihh??? semangat mbak, aku yakin mbak bisa move on! cemunguudh cemunguudhh,,,

  9. Hahahaha Johan.. Kita samaaaa... (ɔ '́ '̯̀)ɔ
    Gue juga agak-agak gimana bacanya ...

    Minal aidzin wal faidzin yaaah Meyk...
    Maap2 gue banyak salah :)

    1. agak gimana gimana Dotz?? :D

      iya, gue jga, maapin ya Dotz :D

  10. okeh, jadi cuma paragraf pertama yang pake bahasa indonesia -_-
    bentar gue buka google translate dulu

    fighting yah, kita bisa kalo kita mau/ ada niat :)

    1. hahaha, lho kan kalo gini jadi sekali mendayung dua pulau terjamah lo Fahrozi kan, bisa belajar bahasa Inggris jga...

      wah, ada banget gue, cuma ya gitu deh

    jangan kaya gue yang selalu dan selalu saja gagal muve on -__-