How IF

How IF
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Sabtu, 29 Desember 2012

How if you find out a person having so many similarities with you
How if you find out someone talking all the time and you just don’t mind
How if you find out someone joking all day long and you don’t mind at all
How if you find out someone whom you can show how you really am, without a mask
How if you find out someone who makes you passionate of doing many things,
How if you find out someone who coloring your day just by seeing his texting,
How if you find out someone who makes you laugh out loud without stop
And you just hope time is gonna stop.

And I am just trapped in such anxiety.
What I know is falling into pieces hurt like a hell
I was in pain, so painful to the death.
And now how if I let myself falling in love, and give myself chance to fall into pieces,
One day, someday, because I don’t know where all the stuff leads me.
And I am just scared of falling out of love.
So hard to do, so hard to endure, and everything just disappears.

And, what I feel is
There is me inside him,there is him inside me.
There is a bridge between me and him.
And there will be love follows, goes smoothly.
There will not be any end. If...
And if........................ I’m going to stay here, I’m not going to leave, I’m just staying here.
Here, because I see there is me inside him,and there is him inside me.
And there may be US 
Meykke Santoso

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