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Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

Alhamdulillah wa syukurilaaaahhh...

Finally !! After doing all the stuff such as lesson plans, teaching reflections, dealing with senior high school students, and other jobs related to Teaching Practicum for approximately 4 months, now all is just over !!

For the very first time, I was absolutely happy because I could be put at my senior high school which saves all memories I had when I was there, SMA Negeri 1 Salatiga. I once wrote about that ! HERE ! (LINK)

Then, I got mentor teacher named Mrs. Lucia who taught me English when I was in first grade of Senior High School. Although she is a detailed person compared with the other mentor teachers, but I felt grateful because she helped me a lot in doing all the teaching stuff there.

About the children, well it can not be denied that there are many who were difficult to handle, but there are many who cooperated a lot with me. And I also once wrote about my students in X-H HERE  and about their ‘impressions and suggestions letters’ HERE . I got very grateful with all I gained there, especially I felt touched because of what they wrote and they hoped for me. In my life, that’s the second time I got such sweet letters and I felt very special. Gomawo for that, for my students.
It is my students !

It is when I taught. Miss Risma took it for me !

About my partners, because we had had the same class beforehand named Micro Teaching Class who were taught by one of SMA N 1 Salatiga’s teacher named Mrs. Agustina which prepared us to have teaching practicum there for one semester, we have been close back then. And it’s much easier for us to cooperate along that time and help each other, and the things. Once I wrote about my friends when we together attended one of event held by the school, HERE

It is one of the photos we got, captured with Miss Risma’s digital camera.

Actually we took many many photos during those days because our coordinator, Miss Risma and all the members ( I think ) likes capturing themselves, especially ME ! Haha..

We love photos, we love memorizing beautiful things, and here we were. It’s actually our last meeting in the school before holding the “PenarikanPPL” stuff. We took photos inside the office we used to gather and did our job !! Yeay!

To have such a beautiful background, we also took pictures in the ceremony field with all the poses we could do. And I will miss such a thing!! Love it so much!

Once we took pictures inside the teacher’s  office in the “Penarikan PPL” event. It was held in that office altogether with all teachers, with my senior high school teachers, and I though that well, life must indeed move on. Many other things are waiting for me in front of my eyes now, and I feel I am ready for that!
There are many photos also, but I haven’t got it from Miss Risma. I will post it straightaway once I get those memorable photos in my memorable event !! Yeay!! 

I got many experiences, many lessons, many knowledge, and many memories there together with the teachers, partners, and the students. And all the stuff there just reminded me about how beautiful my senior high school time was! The togetherness of the students reminded me of the togetherness we had 4 years ago, with the same uniform, the same age, the same feel.

It is like recalling my past when we sat in front of the class, when we took pictures with the teachers, when we played and ate ‘tepak’ together, when we laughed, when we enjoyed the youth. 

Everything was just beautiful and I wanted to feel it one more time.

Realizing how grateful I should be to have those kind of things, memories, feelings, and everything in my short life. What a life !

Life passes by extremely fast...

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