Together Fasting-Break with Ex-Classmates !!

Together Fasting-Break with Ex-Classmates !!
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Senin, 27 Agustus 2012
Assalamualaikum, everyone! :D

It seems to be a late post since what I am going to write is about what happened at August 17th 2012, and I write it on starts by now which is at August 22nd 2012. Still, it would be okay I think because I can still feel the euphoria inside me. Ehehehe…

So, what happened on that day? Well, that’s the day Indonesian celebrates the Independent Day, but then I didn’t attend the ceremony or the like, I am already the university students. Haha..but, I miss that moment in sudden :(

Well, like the last fasting month, a year ago, my ex-classmates held the fasting-break together!! Yeay!!

Before Meeting Up!!

The information I got from the committee, the warm-hearted committee, Risma Shinta Dewi, we were supposed to gather in front of our ex senior high school, SMA N 1 Salatiga by 4 o’clock.

4 o’clock : I just started walking out of my house after putting make up a bit on my face. And altogether with Dwi, Eni and Mitha, we passed about 25 km away starting from my house. We really understand that it would be not that ontime. Hehe..

Finally!! :D

And we arrived there on about 5 o’clock and finally, after long time no see, we could meet up and gather again like we used to!! Sooooooo happy!!

The Members!

And yesterday, many friends could join, about 25 people out of 39 people. It was better than the previous together fasting-break ( I’m not sure about the term :p)

I am going to call one by one of my friends, here they are :

Shinta (the committee), Dhanu (the committee), Wawan (are you the committee as well?), Eny (my ex-chairmate, my inspiration of being diligent in study :D), Brian (the hebringest student in the class), Dwi (my neighbor, love English as I do), Mitha (fresh graduated, a young midwife), Ardila (the beautiful one, a doctor soon), Anis ( beautiful as always, ehehe), Wiwin (the fashionable one, study in the same university like me), Dias (who changes a lot, a new beautiful hijaber), Devi (turns into so feminine), Tyas (uhm..talkactive as always..hehe), Ajeng ( as I know, the young entrepreneur), Stevy (loooooong time no see her!! So missable. Haha), Eko ( the ex-class leader), M. Iqbal (cool but absurd), Boby (seems slimmer), ifan ( lost some weigh, seems much slimmer :D), Iqbal (my close friend in class, the digital camera owner), Fadli ( I heard he is famous in STAN, a band member), Bany ( garing as always), Tajip (more fertile now). Last, Meykke (unidentified) . I think that’s all… hopefully there is no missing..:D

with my former chair-mate :)

Where did we GO??

And the committees had decided to gather in COZY café. How cozy!! If in the previous year, we booked the place in the second floor, indoor part which there are a huge and super soft sofa in yellow color there, this year the committee chose the outdoor one, still in the second floor, so we could sit on our knees (lesehan). It was more comfortable and we could sit close each other surrounding the long table there. And the air was just so perfect!!

The cost?? We never eat in the expensive place, the more economical it is, the more we like. And the COZY café is as cozy as the name itself!!! we just needed to spend 16.000 rupiah and a plate of rice altogether with fried or roasted chicken and a glass of ice-tea was ready to eat. Cheap and delicious!

Moreover, it is not all about the meal we ate, instead the quality-time we had. :D after long time no see each other, it was so enjoyable and fun to gather like that.

my ex-classmates in action

The Impression

What I like from my senior high school students is we never try to show off, instead we just mingle with all classmates, never build a block by grouping. And although we have own close friends, still we could unify the class as one unity, IPA 3 (cie bahasaku)

That is what I love from this class, gratitude filling up my heart. Hehe…

And what I cherish is we are still able to have such a gathering although we have been apart for approximately 3 years since we graduated in 2009 and continued our study to university afterwards.

And the together fasting-break is one of the annual events we have for so long. The other is like when we have break once the semester ends. We have had a lot of worth-remembering events. Some of them are these!! Click to see !!

Sehari Bersama Keluarga 8

Happiness On The First Day of 2011

Sehari Bersama Saya

Let's Visit Art Galery Kota Lama

and the like :D

Back to the event, there we talked about how we have been, what we have done, about the graduation, about KKN that I would never have in my life ( I want it to the death though), about my friend’s situation and many more.

While enjoying the food, we just mingled with the others, talked about many things, and never forget to take pictures since it would be important to make the event long lasting. Hehehe… we really had a lot of fun together and I want it again!

For me, meeting up with those kind of people is important to boost my spirit up.

Mostly my ex-classmates are hijabers, and once we meet, it just triggers me to keep my faith being hijabers since in my daily life, I have less friends wearing hijab. And from them I get such motivation to do more in my study and so on. it just goes as it does. They reminded me about my short-story that got published in a magazine (Shinta brought a kind of magazine that my short story has published), and I want it again. Hardly to start, though. :(

And through that experience, I could draw a conclusion, such a tips for those who dedicate themselves to wear a hijab. Well, I’m in learning process to deal with that. I’m not fully-hijaber. Nevertheless, I want to share with you about some lessons that I have experienced about wearing hijab and how to keep it until now.

1. Find out the reason inside you.

It would not work out if you just follow the trend or follow the friends who wear a hijab without any strong faith and reason that follow. You will break your own choice unless you have found out that willingness inside you, “Yeah!! It is how I want, I am going to wear a hijab, once I wear it, never take it off again!” I have a family member who wore a hijab. The reason was because her boyfriend insisted her to wear hijab. Once they broke up and she found out the new guy, she straightens her hair and take the hijab off. Just that simple. So, to start the huge thing like that, what we have to do in the first place is to find out the reason inside us, not because of the others or the trend that is happening nowadays. :D

2. Gather with other hijabers.

I feel that it is an important thing since we need to upgrade our mind in keeping faith wearing a hijab. Through meeting up with friends who have the same mission, we will gain more confidence and spirit to remain the same. Seeing how beautiful our friends wearing a hijab, how elegant and cute they are, will put ourselves at ease. From friends we can talk about the hijab, how to style it, how to courage each other and so on. It would be so motivating! Still, it doesn't mean we have to avoid the other friends lo ya, we have to mingle with all friends we have, because from their varieties, we could learn many other lesson as well.

3. Upgrade the style

Once we feel bored with one style, just find out the other styles. There are a billion hijab-styles in Youtube you can imitate either with paris or shawl. We can style it as what we like, we can change it everyday if we want. And we never feel bored. We don’t look boring either. Through that kind of styling, we can boost the spirit up!

Those 3 tips I hope can help us to remain the same as hijabers. Just find out the motivation and inspiration around!! Yeay!!

The ending!!

The clock showed 8 PM and it was time to go home since the booking-time was over. The others were going to karaoke, and I with 3 others were going to go home since we had to go through many kilometers to reach home. We took some pictures using Iqbal’s and Devi’s digital cameras before going back. Unfortunately I have no digital camera with me, instead I just used a mobile phone camera which could not capture as good as the digital camera did, so I just have some of them. The rest of them, I will update this post with many of photos once they upload the photos into facebook. Hope they upload it as soon as possible!!

At last, they made my day!

The hope : We can have another meeting in the next time. Yeayy!!

And it is how it ends….

Gathering with friends who can fit in each other is just awesome!


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