One More Time Audition With PinQueenz

One More Time Audition With PinQueenz
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Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012
Assalamualaikum, the world!!
Soooo excited to write about this experience, as if I got back to 3-4 years ago with those fun friends!!
Thursday, August 23rd 2012.
As it was planned before, we were going to meet up (finally after quite long time no see), with Salatiga as our destination!
Unlike the previous gathering, this time we tried to recall the memory we had in senior high school through playing an exciting game we used to play at that time right after school ended!
Play AUDITION!!!!!
We never play this kind of game again after we graduated from senior high school and we had to separate in such away because of the different plan of the future (ceileh)
And now here we are, after about 3 years not play game altogether, finally we can do it once more!!
Fortunately, we could still use our own avatar/character like what we used to, with the old name that we had 3 years ago. And in that game, although we do not come back to play again in even long time, the game will never block or erase our ava from the game-world. And that day, we turned back!! Kyakyakya…
We finally arrived at Salatiga after getting in the beautiful bus all around the world, SUKSES bus. We reached Salatiga at 12 PM. After passed by a mosque and met Dany who came first and waited for us at Neo, we decided to play Audition at Dipo.
Like this…

And we straightaway go to the game-world and go to memory-land at the same time (hehe)
The Game Section
After I called my boyfriend to remind me about my username, password, and number password since he is the one who remembers those stuff while I didn’t, I could go in the Audition page and go to the same room with Pinqueenz members.

By the way about Pinqueenz, it doesn’t mean we are Queenz of Pin alias Ratu Jamur. Demi Tuhan tidak ada yang jamuran di antara kami, tenin…
Itu adalah plesetan dari Pinguin yang kita ambil dari gambar di jaket kebesaran kita dahulu. Waktu SMA kita punya jaket yag sama seperti ini :

Dan karena kita bingung cari nama, jadi diplesetkanlah Pinguin menjadi Pinqueenz dan setelah ditentukan tanggal kelahiran (17 Februari 2007) , kita bikin fb seperti ini.
It is how Pinqueenz was born..hehe. Do you remember?
Get back to the game, after we could go to the same room, we started playing!!
But a while before that, we could change our clothes, taken from our cupboard provided there.
And when you are in process of dressing up, there would be a dressing room surrounding you like this..

Once you feel ready, just press the ready key and once everybody presses it, it would be like this..

And once the DJ (one of the members would be the DJ and set up everything such as songs, places, type of game whether 4 direction or 8 direction, and so on) presses the start tombol, we start playing!!!
How to PLAY???
Simply press the direction whether up, down, right, or left as what we see on the screen while press the space or ctrl based on the beat. So, we have to be aware when to press the space to get ‘perfect’ move, so that the point would be doubled. Otherwise, if we cannot press the space on time, or fail to press the correct direction, we would miss the point and the ava stops dancing for a while until we could get our return again and pressing correctly.

Ya begitulah, pokoknya sangat menyenangkan…kalau dijelaskan bisa berhalam halaman..
You have to try it on!!!
Once the song finished, we would have the report like this..

And the winner always goes to Ellena -.-
She is the goddess of Audition among us. :D
And she has the much clothes and sexy clothes among us as well.
Talking about clothes, we appeared to be quite sexy. Just look at this

And once again compare to this..

Since we can not dress up in such a style in the real world, I feel so amazing dressing up like this. Hehehehe…
Love it! Love it!Love it!!
It is my ava, with the name in above.

And every ava must have their own name, like it shown here..

Because at that time, I had relationship with another gamer named Dantok, I and he decided to have such a cute ava’s name. Mine is alwayz-Mey-Danz. Kyakyakya.. ( not only that time sih, but since that time up to now, I have a relationship with him.hehehehe)
I also got married with him (in Audition)!! It is our wedding ceremony and I got a wedding ring as well!!
( sekarang, sudah tidak begini, sudah tamat kita. memang hidup itu begini, tidak apa apa. :) )

Edited by another gamer named Lena-
And make me think how if life works that easy…
Cuma lomba nari dapet duit, mau model mata kayak apa, rambut berubah ubah, baju model apa serba ada, mau warna kulit kuning gading, sawo matang, coklat eksotis, putih pucat, semuanya bisa terjadi dalam sekali pencet. Ini nikah juga bisa Cuma joget joget cupelan bareng dan hanya dengan melewati batas tertentu, nikah bisa sukses dapet cincin… nama juga bisa alay..bisa pake strip strip gitu..
And life doesn’t turn out that easy, at all..hehehehehehe…
and get back to the Pinqueenz!!!
We played for about 2 hours, play in 4 direction-easy and 8 direction-easy. We are not as expert as we were since long time no play..but study..:p
There are a lot of songs, mostly songs are K-Pop songs such as Rain’s, Big Bang’s , and many more. So excited and also up-to-date!!
And the happiness would fill up the heart once we could finish the final-move, the most difficult move from the whole one-song-duration. Once we get it, we would kayang muter muter, mbalik mbalik tubuh, ngesot tertatih tatih as shown..

And it is what the game is all about…about dance and life and love and friendship..kyakyakya..
Lunch Section
After played game in DIPO, we decided to visit Yege Café to have our late- lunch together while having chatting about our activities, love and life and so on, and never forget, we took some pictures!!

And the other our-hang-out stories is here!!
and many more... :)
Before we went back, we passed by my campus and took some pictures!!
And just before Magrib, we got in the bus and went home, and planned again to have such a gathering. Never feel bored to hang out with them!! Hehehe
Finally, that’s all and thanks to read this, ad hope I could write again about Pinqueenz and 10 years later, let’s just open it up again and see how amazing youth we have passed together!!
Berasa syahdu..

25.08.2012 12:43 PM
Meykke Santoso

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  1. yey i always be the winner :p wkwk
    ngesot tertatih2 wkwkwk bahasamu nduuuuk :))
    miss u :*

  2. ahahahaha, miss you too...ayo kapan kita lagiiiiiiiii, miss you alllllllll!!:D

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