My Lovely Eyang Kakung :)

My Lovely Eyang Kakung :)
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Senin, 23 Juli 2012

Assalamualaikuuum the world!

It has been a while before I come up again with new idea to write about. Now I would like to write up about my grandfather. Remembering that if there is no him, there have never been me!!

Through writing, everything can be long lasting, right? The memories, the beautiful moments, the feeling filling up a heart. And now, I would like to express how I love my grandfather. Well, actually I never meet him up because he lives in such a quite long distance from me. He and grandma live in Purbalingga, exactly in a small village there. When I was child, I never understood what they talked about because the language is quite different, the dialect also. Let me tell you about them !!

They are so totally religious, they are my mother’s parents. Thus, I live nearby my father’s parents like people in usual. Once they get married, usually they live with or follow the man’s family.

When I was child I often enjoyed the holiday by staying there. The village is far far away from the main road. Thus, every people there have bicycle to reach a traditional market, school, and the other public services. I loved to ride my grandpa’s bicycle, riding it along the wide rice-field lying in the right and left side of village road. It is so hot there, so I hardly slept. I always used fan to make it a bit cool. Still, it was so hot there at night.

My grandfather for me is the real kind grandfather. He is totally kind-hearted, patient, and never shouted at or feels angry with me. Thus, I want to stay with him, but impossible. Compared with where I live now, it is less modern there. But, the place where my grandpa lives is sooo nice, the people are team-oriented and they always help each other. My grandpa said that mostly people in that village still have family-relationship. It seems like there was an ancestor stayed there and had a huge family afterwards up to now. Thus, they all are family. How nice!!

Yesterday my grandpa himself visited my house after long time we didn’t see each other. Still, he is warm-hearted person, he is nice, he is religious as always I have known him. But, he is getting older and he has just got surgery because a certain disease. I was so afraid, I want him to be always healthy, so I can make him happy once I work and make living and live in success.

My hope has always been for them, my beloved people surrounding me to keep their health, so I can do something for them. It is deniable to agree that although money is not everything, but through having money we can do almost everything for those we love, and without money we cannot do everything we want.

It is my grandfather. It was funny when I asked him for being captured, he agreed straightaway and smiled like this in front of my house.

Before he went home, he gave me prayers like the parents usually do.

“Mugo mugo sekolahe sing pinter yak, dadi wong sukses sok emben yak, mugo mugo eyange biso menangi yak…”

He hoped I can be smart in school, can be successful in live, and he can see how successful I would be in the future by his own eyes.

And for my grandpa, please be healthy, please have a long life, please let me to repay all kindness you have given to me although I know it can never be enough because your kindness and love is beyond everything I have. Still, be healthy and let me, your grandchild to make you happy in your old time.

Wassalam J

Meykke Santoso

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