English Department Pool of Writing is My Pleasure!

English Department Pool of Writing is My Pleasure!
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Selasa, 10 Juli 2012

Assalamualaikum, my world!!

It is about 03:23 PM on Tuesday July 10th 2012 and I am going to wrote over again about my English Department Pool of Writing I have just ran for a year last year on period 2011/2012. It is my second time because actually I have written about it but it’s completely gone. I accidentally deleted it and there was no back up data in my netbook. I had saved it straightaway into my flash disk. Poor me!:(

Now, I would like to write it again ad make sure that it would appear in my blog soon since I have no internet connection in my room so I have to visit my cousin’s house to post it. It cannot be published through my mobile-blogging as well because there would be some pictures I would like to attach on it.

Alhamdulillah… I have succeeded ran this kind of KBM or such an extraculliculer my lovely faculty has. I became the coordinator of it for a year. I had joined this KBM for two years beforehand. So, in the third year, I leaded this KBM and altogether with the EDPOW’s members including about 24 members, we have published 7 bulletin along a year or one period. Automatically I had to take a part in Lembaga Kemahasiswaan or Body Student Representative. Actually I wanted to be involved there when I was in senior high school but there was no chance left for me. :p

And I could make it real a year ago. Happy and grateful J

As what I talked about, we have published seven bulletins throughout a year and now I am no longer a coordinator of EDPOW because a fresh leader ready to give such a fresh idea for EDPOW.

Gratitude like following me regarding that one year and here are some pictures of bulletin we have successfully released. Well, EDPOW is such a not big bulletin and maybe there are many students don’t know yet about that. Also, the faculty’s students lack of reading passion either writing passion.

Nevertheless, it is what I want, and I have achieved it. So one time when I feel down I would open up this page and reminding myself that I have ever done something, so there is no way to feel upset to myself and can boost my mood over and over again.

And now like what I told to you in the previous entry, you can click here , I am writing three articles for the faculty magazine since I have became that magazine’s member started from June 2012. New field, bigger chance, new ideas, new writing me, new ME. Better me. I love reading also writing. Hence, I have a willingness to keep developing my writing skill. J

How about you? What is your passion? How do you chase it?? Keep spirit up all the time, hopefully. :D

Meykke Santoso

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