The Second Annual Writing Workshop!!

Hay, My World!!


I think it is so late telling you about last Annual Writing Workshop EDPOW. EDPOW stands for English Department Pool of Writing which I run for a year. I work as coordinator and I am totally happy because I like writing and it is the field that I am passionate about.

And, it is the second annual writing workshop. Fortunately, I also write about the previous workshop last year. You can read here.

Well, it is such a relief knowing that I can hold this workshop again, although I am not the one who lead this workshop regarding I have already been the coordinator of EDPOW and it is the event inside EDPOW. So, I became Steering Committee together with the ex-leader.


This workshop was held on Monday, March 26th 2012 with the theme “Creative Academy Writing” with Danielle D-Sims as the speaker for 3 hours show.

Alhamdulillah, finally I could lead this KBM for e year and publish 6 bulletins out of 8, because 2 months we didn’t go to college for the whole month. Thus, we cannot publish 2 more as what we expected before. I’ll write it on further next time. Now, surely as my other entries, I like to show you the pictures how this workshop ran.

For me, leading this KBM give me a totally big motivation to develop my writing skill, and catch the bigger thing next time. Alhamdulillah, after I finish this duty, I will work as member of my faculty magazine as columnist. It is what I dream of since I was in first semester. There is one more dream I have to catch, and just after I succeed to have it, surely I will tell you.

And now, Alhamdulillah…this is it!!


Annual Writing Workshop held by English Department Pool of Writing. Although the participants just reach amount of 50, I think it is the good start line, hoping next year, it will be larger. Also, hopefully we choose the right person as the next leader. Amien.


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