Morning Thoughts 19:04.12

Morning Thoughts 19:04.12
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Kamis, 19 April 2012
It's the third day writing this entry regularly on morning and see what comes up on my mind.
Korean drama.
Every time I watch it, I want to end up being that way. It is just beyond sweeeeet and romantic and I can feel how happy I am if that happened to me. Really, how they look at each other, hug, and dll. How man treat the woman is soooooo romantic. That's why I'm crazy about Korean drama. And when it reaches the end, I get myself living in the reality.haha
I want great love like that. I wanna feel that my heart madly beating as we meet and being near each other, feel miss like crazy when we long time no see, feel so sure that I love him and the other way around, feel I want to hold his hand tightly and walk together passing the street. And everything is feeding away.
Well, talking about Korean Drama, I wanna have someone who makes my heart racing, my hand trembling, my smile blossoming, who look at me differenly, know me inside, and being with whatever happens.
It seems ugly, hope noone reading it. But, sometimes you hardlu differenciate between love and getting used, the same as I do. I can neither differenciate nor end it up.

My bed, 06:04 AM
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