More than Saturday

More than Saturday
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Senin, 20 Februari 2012
God, totally excited to write this entry.
Saturday, February 18th 2012.
That’s not only a Saturday for me, even a sweet Saturday. Much more than that.
At the noon, we met up. He picked me up in the front of our college. We haven’t decided yet about the place we are going to go. Then, we agreed to visit his house first. It’s quite long after last time I visited there. Can’t wait to see Kian. The only one in this world who calls me ‘Tante’!! She is my boyfriend’s elder sister’s first child. She is sooooo cute!
As usual we watched a film and had a little chat. Remember again in last holiday because of heavy raining we could not go up to Keteb, instead watching TV all the day. His family is sooo nice. How grateful!:)
This is us!! We watched a movie up to 4 o’clock. We did “sholat berjamaah” a while before got off.

One of our moments I love so bad is when we do “sholat berjamaah”. I don’t know why, but when we do that, it’s like you know, praying together, hoping one thing can be possible, get closer together with Alloh. For me, it is so sweet. Wanna do it five times a day everyday if God at last says so.
Although I have already had lunch there, we decided to have a second lunch at Cafeole. For me, it is absolutely cozy. It was my second time going there. The place is sooo green, very Java which I like so much. There are many such gazebos there. You just need to knock at “kentongan” and the waitress will come straightaway wearing a uniform and a black hat with “Cafeole” words at front and bringing the menu with a Batik cover.
And here we are in the lovable place, with delicious food and drink, with warmth surrounding us. What’s else?? Perfect for dating:D. It was quite raining, I felt so warm still though. Hehehehehehehe….
Talking about many things, sharing the ideas and opinions about something, making some jokes, taking pictures, enjoying the time together are all I always want. One day is not enough.
Here we are, left a little sweet memorize here, deserve to remember years later. That’s why I write it all on!! Just too sweet to be by gone. For me every single moment is special one that surely deserves to remember.

It is not usual time, because we don’t usually have a date this way. I mean we rarely spend almost a whole day by visiting more than two destinations. We also never have a date in our campus! I don’t know why, but it is simply because we never do it since first time we came to this college. It naturally goes that way. I know every mate have their own style to have a date, and I enjoy it. I used to complain before, but then understood that it’s not our style. So, just let it flow and find the way… It is our way, actually.
After taking picture, having a big meal that he had to force me to eat all meat I had, every bite in it. If not, there was no picture. Surely I ate all bites of it afterwards. I was proud!!:D

I am always totally happy every time we take pictures. Like in the “Teh SariWangi” advertisement I like watching on TV, I also want to collect our photos started when we were in senior high school, college, if God says so then work place, and you can guess what’s next. It is totally fun and sweet to collect pictures and see them again many years later when everything changes.
Not stop here, because before we headed off to Ambarawa, 25 metres away from Salatiga, we parked at the side of “Jalan Baru”. The sunset looked so beautiful. We took some pictures to end up our day at that day. I love that day. Memorable!!

We started our journey approaching Ambarawa. It is also my favorite moment ever. We went along the rice-field in right and left side, fresh air fulfilling our lung, beautiful scenery just made our together-time perfect!! Laying my head on his back and hoping the road is endless. Wanna stay in such a way. Because I felt totally pewe.:D
And I would feel grateful living in Ambarawa, because it is quite far, and I can enjoy the time with him quite long while talking about many things and holding him tight.
We also came by a small mosque to do sholat magrib. And we continued afterward. Because we wanted to try out the new road connecting Banyubiru with Ngampin, we decided to get through that new road. Some km we went, the road was extremely dark without any lamp, there was no one passing this road. Really, it was quite scary. And something unexpected happened. We had an accident. We were in the middle of rice-field without any lighter, dark everywhere and without anyone there!! Imagine how mistic it was!! I was afraid because he got hurt and hardly stood up. I was OK, but he was not. I felt guilty, totally guilty. Really, it is the first time I fall down from the motorcycle, it is my first accident in my life!! It’s OK for me though. What makes me guilty is he got injured because of me. There was no help, just God and both of us there.
Alhamdulillah, he could stand up and continued our journey going home. As reached my house, I had just known that his knee got hurt quite badly. I was afraid and I helped him wearing bandage. Really, I still remember how dark it was, how we fall down, how he got hurt because of me a night after he came back home. Alhamdulillah it was just small accident that we could handle ourselves. I cannot imagine if he was badly injured then what should I do?? Fortunately everything was OK and we got a lesson of it. I said it is more that a sweet Saturday, because it was not only that sweet, but also quite mistic and rather scary.
Overall, I do loveeeeeeee that Saturday. Please coming up again on the other day, but without that accident.
I have many plans to do together with my boy friend!!
1. Explore Solo
2. Visit exotic beaches in Jogja.
3. Visit Keteb and feel the fresh air there.
4. Have Third Photobox
5. Cook a delicious corn soup in front of him. ( I Haven’t been able to cook at all)
I also have some big plans, just God and me know. It is private still.:D. Hopefully God will nod once I send up these prayers.
So, that’s all. My boyfriend made my day!! Color up my day, color up my life. I love my life as I love you.
19.02.12 22:34
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Assalamualaikum wr wb,

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  1. well, human can plan, God decides. The plan we could make is number three, visiting Keteb. And we cannot make the other plans because now we go back one step. there is no US, and it is the best for us. Well, it is just the memory. But, still I am grateful I had such a memory. Hehe..

  2. Owh, I forget plan number 1,we could make. At that time, we went to Solo and visited GSM, Grand Solo Mall to watch Pocong juga Pocongggg if I am not mistaken. hehehe..

  3. waahhh.... foto yang pertama aku kira tadi adik kamu tuh mey.. di baca bener2 ternyata pacaranya. hhohoho....

    "I also have some big plans, just God and me know" penasaran apa nih rencananya? rencana bareng si dia?

    1. aw awa aw mbak Risaaaah, hahahaha...we are over...buehehehehe no plan for US @.@

  4. gue sedih bacanya, karena gue gak bisa bhs. inggris :'(

  5. Heem.. oh ternyata itu pacarnya ya!!
    Semoga berlanjut ke pelaminan ya!! Dan menjadi keluarga yang mawaddah, warohmah dan karimah...amin...

    1. hehehehehe, nooo..ini 2012 ah pada nggak baca :( ini masa lalu, buehehehehehehe

    2. mau baca bagaimana, i am not understanding english language. so, you can tell me about your mind.

    3. beheehehehehe, :D jadi cuman liat fotonya dan menyimpulkan sendiriyaaa @.@

  6. this is your boyfriend??? oh nooo i can't translate indonesian :3

    hadeh meyy jangan pke bahasa inggris gue gak nerti :3

  7. lagi ke bw ke 2 blog, dan dua-duanya cerita tentang pacar, gak ngertiin perasaan aku apah?!! *nangis dibawah guyuran hujan*

    pengen bisa casciscus kayak mbak meyke :(

    btw pacarnya unyu ya :3 hihi
    seru kayaknya bisa jalan-jalan kayak gitu

    1. buahahahahaha...ini hanya...memori aduuuh, pada nggak dibacaaaa :(

  8. bahasa inggrisnya bagus ya..
    hihii oh itu ya pacarnya so sweet sekali smoga langgeng yaaaaaa

    1. sudah karaaam, ini 2012 postingan lama, hehehehehe

  9. nanti undang ya jika mau nikah haha :D

    1. errrrrr.....iya kalo AKU mau nikah aku undang yaaak...@.@

  10. Kak meykke! Pacarnya.... :o *speechless*

    by the way, kalau sholat berjama'ahnya pakai praying ashar together, bisa apa enggak kak? Aku drtd kepikiran, kira-kira apa ya bahasa inggris yang pasnya :D

    waduh, jadi ini toh, more than satturday-nya :3

    1. kenapa Aini???? @.@

      no, it is just the past..ini aku ambil postingan udah lami Aini syedih aku nggak ada yang pas komentnya bikin tertatih tatih buehehehe...

      kayaknya sih gitu Aini @.@

  11. ciyee nempel terus nih.. wow, planning nya masih panjang ya. yaudah jangan lupa planning terakhir, ke PELAMINAN!! :)

  12. it was more than just sweet memories on saturday! :p i bet you will never be able to forget him :))

    how lucky you are that have such an awesome with your ex beloved.-. so hard to be honest, but i really envy haha. *emboh*

    1. I mean you are very lucky for having such an awesome moments with your beloved aha.. My english isnt very good..

    2. buahahaha,akhirnyaa ada yang ngomen bener @.@

      ehm, well yeah so DAMN TRUE @.@

    3. AAAAA, he is ur boyf? anyway, this is so sweet :)

    4. he was my boyfriend, he is my ex-boyfriend @.@