Under The Rain

Under The Rain
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Rabu, 09 November 2011

Wanna tell something worth remembering, wanna say something I don’t want to lose from my mind.

Talking about love, it has no end. There must be ups and down, sad part and happy one, laughter also tears. Many things.

For me, all parts are enjoyable. Succeeds to make my life much more colorful coloring my youth.

Bad experience and good experience are enjoyable (although it’s suggestion:DD)

It is egoist if I just want the good part, and don’t want to experience otherwise. It must happen anyway.

And now I’m sharing the good one for you. Sometimes, I need to keep tidily the badness for the sake of ourselves. Private matter. :D

We have just got through the heavy rain together. He picked me up on campus and accompanied me for the first time I have to give extra lesson for a junior high school and senior high school students in Ambarawa. At afternoon, as we headed off, the sky was as bright as my heart. :D But, when we headed straight for Ambarawa, sky turned dark. As we arrived at my students-wanna-be’s house, I started to give extra lesson while I was little bit fatigue and tired. I have had 2 lessons in campus just before it. But because he waited me in the living room, I had lots energy in sudden!! (lebay…:D)

Something I love the most from him is he is totally patient to wait me. And he had to wait me for more than an hour there without doing anything. Sitting in the living room while I taught that junior high school student who I forgot the name.@@

When I ask in the middle of the lesson,

“maap ya yank, lama banget ik…”

“gapapa, ngajar dulu sana…”

Then, like in many dramas, I give the sweetest smile for him from the deepest of my heart.

If I wore no hijab, my hair must wave in wind as beautiful as gelombang cinta flower which has totally high price.:D

Before I went in again, I gave him smile again. (piye to piye….@@)

Just before we left,God poured heavy heavy rain to the world. Fortunately, he has already bought a mantel in Ambarawa. We were safe. :D

And it is the sweetest moment of the day. We were getting through the heavy rain together. If I’m not mistaken it is the second time we had to get it through. The first time is when we were in senior high school, and we were going to his house for the first time.:D I was still wearing the uniform at that time. I was just the way I really was. Now, that matter mess up!@@

Something I like from our togetherness is when we talk along the way on my way home. Salatiga-Ambarawa is long long way, and we could have a chat about many things, either we could have a joke. We have fun! always hope that the road is endless, so we could spend together without stop.:DD

Although I was inside his mantel, we could chat!! :D

As reached my house, we did sholat together, ate together, and finally, he had to go home, alone…

A bunch of thank you for him!!

Some reckon that it is usual, many couples experienced the similar thing. And may be some think that it is sweet. No matter what the others’ opinions are, I love this day a lot.

Sometimes we have quarrel, sometimes we are in boredom, sometimes we fall in love with each other again, sometimes we were so flat, sometimes our love is burned up, sometimes I feel helpless without him standing beside me. It doesn’t matter. It is what love is. Impossible to work out well all the time, and will not be on the bottom always as well. All are just interesting to face (it’s suggestion for me actually@@)

We don’t know how our relationship works in the future, whether nor we will get along and settle down. We are still sooo young. Many plans we settle to reach. We still want to explore everything inside. We InsyaAlloh wish for the best, and prepare for the worst. And the first one is my real hope.:D


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