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Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011
Sometimes someone we admire and love the most is not someone who’s the best for spending our lifetime with. And how lucky you are if you have those 2 things in just 1 person.

I’ve just watched Playful Kiss and also Crazy Little Thing Called Love which basically have the same story, about having person you admire and love like crazy for a long long time before. And finally, you deserve to get along and settle down with him! I think it really rarely happen in a real life. Don’t you think so?

Of course as a girl we have our own imagination about a perfect man who is cool with all perfection appeared outside and behavior like gold inside. And not all things you wish can come true.
It is not about me as a girlfriend of a boy lho ya….hehehe. Because my boy is incredibly nice...:D
Piye ya, you know what I mean. Surely you ever admire and want someone you admire like hell to be your mate. He is beyond your expectation of your good qualification as a perfect man you wanna live with. But he is beyond your reach as well. How unlucky!! He is like a star far far away on the sky while you are just able to lay down on the ground seeing him be so shining. No matter how hard you afford to hold it, never you get it.
Otherwise, you only catch his light, feel it and keep admiring night by night.

Something you have to remember is when you love someone for sure, never let him go. Fighting for your love, never ever give up before he himself wants you to give up and disappear.
This is what I need to tell to those who want to read this post to make me feel better. Sorry for talking around this matter, sorry if you get so confused about what I was talking about. Biasa, galau…
Thank youuuuu…
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