Happiness in Bedroom!:D

Happiness in Bedroom!:D
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Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

For some people spending time in bedroom is just extremely boring. They prefer to spend time with the other else or go out to eat out or just hang out with friends. But for me, the best place to spend time in is My lovely bedroom.

I can stay in all day long and just go outside to eat, drink, or take a bath and watch TV. It is not sort of a special place with all stuff which can make you not bored or with all high-leveled gadgets which you can make fun with all the time. It is just extra small bedroom with ordinary furniture as people usually have in their bedroom. But, as long as I have mini laptop, mobile phone, many books and also coffee or milk, I will not run off :D moreover if I have a good film or good Korean drama, I can spend my time to watch all series from the very beginning until the end, or until my father or mother yell at me to turn off the netbook and make bed or clean the house. Sometimes I stay up until 2 AM to finish watching a soooooo sweet Korean drama. Although my father will complain straightaway and get me to sleep soon. I am in long holiday and I don’t get job, I am jobless right now. 

Sometimes feel so stressed out and wanna do a new thing to kill time, and this is it! My bedroom provides all things I want! Fortunately I love reading and writing like crazy. Never I pass through the day without writing or reading anything. I must write something such as a short stories or poems, or maybe writings I’m gonna post on my blog. Moreover when I feel so galau, I can write loooong loooooong story or sort of ‘curahan hati’ and I will feel so fresh and free afterward. I love reading books. And I am totally happy when I know there is a library in Ambarawa, in front of Gedung Pemuda just beside an old church which is next to Palagan. :D I can borrow books I like. Here I am, sitting beside a window inside my bedroom reading book named The Mind Gym from the library while listening to the music and drinking a cup of coffee. And I can kill time easily. Or if I get a little bit bored of reading, I would watch some other Korean dramas I haven’t watched yet. If I keep getting bored of it, I would sleep. So fun!!
My bedroom is the most comfortable place to live in. Moreover I’ve just colored it with baby blue color, I love my bedroom more. I’m about to hang some pictures of me up on the wall and just make my bedroom much more beautiful. I also have 2 Styrofoam which also hang up on the wall with some pictures, plans, and affirmation on it. I like to search on Google to find out a bedroom ideas for teenagers. The pictures are just extremely beautiful and inspiring. I want to make my bedroom that way one day, if I could make a living of course or if I start a new family many years later. :D

My bedroom is like my own space, this is totally mine, and I can make my bedroom whatever I want, because it is my own space, the only space I can fully have and take over in this world. :D
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