my college life : LO NUEDC :D

my college life : LO NUEDC :D
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Selasa, 14 Juni 2011

It was a quite interesting event, uhm…no no. It was such an interesting event to tell. Had a lot of experiences there and had happy days with those who were involved in that NUEDC. Although I was just as LO (Liasion Officer), it was amazing days and will not be forgotten, especially for a part at the end of the event :D LOL. I am rather money-oriented :p

For 3 days and 2 nights I stayed in Bringin Hotel with my colleagues (uhm…I mean my seniors). My house is sooooo far, so I hardly go back at night and go to the hotel again in early morning. I decided to sleep over there instead.

My job was just quite easy. I had to be a chairperson or timekeeper when the debate held. Had coffee break afterward, then did the same job. Had lunch, did the same job, coffee break approached and enjoyed a hot coffee. There were 4 coffee breaks a day. Because I love coffee like crazy, so I drank 4 cups of coffee a day. What lucky I am :D

And at the and of this debate competition, UKSW succeeded to get the second rank of the NUEDC 2011. It was cool!! For my two seniors who will fight some months later, just go fighting and do your best!!


Thank you for reading! Just create blog and share your adorable life experiences! :D

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