capture me at college!!

capture me at college!!
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Rabu, 20 April 2011


Monday, April 18th 2011. Meeting up old friend was so awesome, well, there was much more awesome indeed. We took pictures like usual. It is changed into habit we must do actually. Everytime we meet, taking a picture is a must for us. We start being narsistic when we were in first grade of senior high school. Just look at our old face below!! :D


Looks so different, huh?? Time and experience has successfully changed us… thanks GOD! :D

Or when we were in 2nd of senior high school??

This is it!!

Uhm…and when we were in 3rd grade of senior high school…

And here WE ARE….:D

Mbak mbak kuliah yang umurnya sudah 20 (dany) dan di ambang 20 (meykke). (eits, keceplosan basa Indonesia…lanjuuut…)

Are we different??

I hope we are different, but we are the same, same feeling… (hasyah!)

Actually, there are 2 friends else, but because they were not with us at that time, so we could not take pictures together ;(

Miss them a lot, miss to laugh together, to have a chat all day long and watch movie together, and at the end, we would take pictures as many as we can. We love photos, all of us! We have many photos to show to our generations that we have ever been together in a great friendship. ;D

Okay, yesterday we took some photos and they are some of them…

Like amateur model, “ora popo sing penting pede.” Our slogan. ;)

Check this out!!

Mpun rampuuung….. we are happy, all is happy, and it was wonderful day and it is wonderful life with all good friends around….

Be grateful and be happy, everyone! Just remember how lucky you are having good friends who will bring good part of life. :D

A friend is sweet when its new, but it is sweeter when its true! -Judy Schachner


Thank you for reading, people!


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