YOU (3)

YOU (3)
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Senin, 28 Maret 2011


What I wanna say?

Have already said

Many times…


Wanna dance with you in rain, in all pain..

Wanna sing with you in laughter, under the rainbow altogether..

No matter how hard it will be,

No matter how much tear I mush brush up,

Love, love, love..

Between strong and fragile..

Between crying and laughing,



Never ever flee, never ever run away..

Stand by me, hold me, tightly..

Cuz never will I hurt you, never again..

Ordinary is me..

Sometimes the other passion tries to take my heart away,

Just hold on..

And everything will be ok

Because of you.

Who are you?

Guess by yourself..

YOU, the only one..

YOU, my heart..

please, don’t ever go..

Meykke Santoso

I'm a passionate teacher, an excited blogger, a newbie traveler and a grateful wife. Nice to see you here! I write for fun. Please, enjoy!

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

Terimakasih sudah mampir ke sini ya... Yuk kita jalin silaturahmi dengan saling meninggalkan jejak di kolom komentar.

Terimakasih .... :)

  1. tiba tiba mata tertuju dengan entry ini..mau di-draft sudah tak punya tenaga, dibaca kok sudah tak sejalan dengan yang ada..and well, it's a life..

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