there must be pain before stand on the top

there must be pain before stand on the top
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Kamis, 09 Desember 2010

Sometimes it is so difficult to fit in this situation while you are different with them. I mean, I do not want to judge or what toward them all, but of course I can not deny that we are different. I can not get in their world sometimes. And I am in one community which is extremely difficult for me to adapt in it. I don’t know why. Honestly, I do not like some of them. The way they speak to me, the way they look at me, I can see, they do not like me as well. I want the different situation. I like everyone around me, and we can live together!! I want it a lot, but sometimes the reality is not the same with imaginary.

There is someone I admire a lot said that before you can catch all you wish and reach the top of your life, of course you have to pass the painful time. And here I am, with painful around me, and hopefully I can handle it!!

Self-suggest : no matter how difficult the situation around me, no matter how hard a life is, I have to be sure and make sure that I can pass through all obstacles. I am tough!! Look at yourself, mey!!

You have passed the past storm and be winner. How about next storm?? When you can end it up well, and finish it, you will be winner for many times. You will have more desire and passion to pass through the next storm. Giving up is nowhere in your life dictionary, meykke!!

- Never give up when you have something to give. Remember : “nothing is really over until the moment you stop crying.”

See?? Before you go to the other world, it is a must for you to struggle in this world, no matter how impossible it appears.

- Get up, be happy, and be tougher! Never be pushed by your problems, but be led by your dreams.

It is completely true!!!
I have to trust to myself, I can do it as long as I have a hard will and hard effort. Keep in mind that nothing is impossible. The one who has no hand even can paint a beautiful painting!! Because they can change something impossible to be so possible….
Something that I have to reflect on.

Who wants to be a loser??
Not me. Everyone wants to be a winner in their life..
Being winner is not easy, but being winner is not impossible as well
Just do the best, don’t give up and your dreams will come true, good destination will appear in front of you.

With God’s hand, everything is possible… With the miracle and strength from ALLAH SWT, I can do everything I wish….
Meykke Santoso

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