Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hang Out with Younger Sister

10 Februari 2013

Hanging Out is always FUN.

On that day I hung out with my sister. Since we are just like white and black, we are just like sky and ground, so the way we dress up is also different.

But, hanging out with her is FUN since we never do it. I am busy running around and she is busy with her bussiness. We always quarrel, but still we are sisterhood. No matter how big the problem between us, we end up making peace and forgetting the problems. 

I always hope that I will be a good elder sister for her, but I know I am still far away from such a qualification.

And I hope we can be better in the future. We are so narsistic and we love taking pictures. Thus, we did such ‘a ceremony’ before heading to Ambarawa.

Jangan muntah ya, pelisssssss.....

Aduh maap numpang narsis :p

ready to goooooooooooo!!!

That's all,  Let's go shoppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!! :D


  1. dandanya miris wkwkwk
    mau shoping aja harus dandan kece badai gitu yak? :p

    1. ahahahaa..masa kayak gitu miris?? itu biasa bangeeeet :p

  2. gusti allah... mata ku... pelis jangan jejelin akuh bahsa tumbuhan gitu.. ora mudengg... >..<"

    tapi eh? adeknya boleh lah dimodusin (lagi) :3 *ngusel - ngusel macam kucing* meowww

    1. yo sinau to Ben ben mudeeeng...hehehe