A Happy Teacher tells you a story

A Happy Teacher tells you a story
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Rabu, 21 September 2016
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Let me tell you a story about what I have been doing lately, what I'm so into, what I'm enjoying to live with.

What do you think about your job? Do you do your job only because you have to earn some money? Or because you have no other choice? Or because you find it so interesting that no matter how tired you are, when it comes to doing your job, you have so much energy left?

For me, my job is more than passion. I found myself really being grateful, being so happy, being so excited, being so cheerful, being so alive everytime I play role as a teacher.

Can you believe it if I say I spend 13 hours a day for working?
At the first time, I didn't believe it either. I mean, I didn't believe that I can work for that long. 

"I want to know my limit." I said to a friend.

"It's just so crazy. Don't force yourself. Don't work too much. Give a relaxing time for your body."

"I do. I really do. I can relax while teaching. I am happy. And that happiness leads me to getting more energy." That's what I believe.

I leave my room at 6.30 in the morning because I have to teach in a school. I leave the school at 4 pm in the evening and go straightaway to my previous English course because I'm still working there as a part-timer until 6 pm and end up by giving a private course in some houses and another course. I reach my room at 8.30 at night. And I arrange my schedule that way every Monday till Thursday. On Friday I only need to work till 6 pm. 

In the first days, I feel so tired. I had to consume some vitamin and stuff. And now, my body can adapt well. In every single going-back-home way, I feel so satisfied. Sometimes I can't believe that I can really work that long. I am a workaholic, yes I really am. But when I think twice about it, this is such a good decision because I don't have time to be mellow, to think unnecessary thoughts and stuff. I like doing something and working hard is kind of good choice for me.

I realize I'm addicted to teaching. I get used to teach kids, teenagers, until adults. In the school, I'm teaching the first grader till the third ones. In the English course I'm teaching elementary kids and some are teenagers. Every Tuesday morning I teach/share knowledge with the other teachers in the school. And I feel so satisfied when I know that I am able to teach all levels. It's like the new challenge for me. Imagine it, In a week I have students in all levels. The school even asked me to teach PM (Pendalaman Materi) for the third grade of Junior High School twice a month on Saturday. I've once taught for UAN preparation and I'm looking forward for it because I can study about it as well. The challenges keep coming up to me and I feel so energized.

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 Sometimes I just stand up in front of the mirror and say,

"You made it, Mey."

I know, this is kind of life I was wishing many years ago. And I made it. I succeed to force myself and go over beyond my limit. I've expanded it. God made it.

What I love from teaching because I love seeing their sparkling innocent eyes everytime they see me and call me, "Miss Meikel!" Some call me "Miss Maike!", Some others call me "Miss Meikerrrr".

I really love it when I heard a child talking to his dad in the parking lot,

"Dad, now I can speak in English! One...two...three...four...five..." She continued counting herself.

I really love it when all of my students in the school stand up in lines right in front of me and sing together with so much excitement.

"Baby shark dudududu baby shark dudududu baby shark duduudu.." We sing and dance like crazy every Wednesday morning in the yard. They start loving English. They start dancing and laughing. Their face are as bright as sunshine. And my heart is as bright as the sky with them being the sun. 

I really love it when they can remember my name and kiss my back hand everytime we run into. 

And I will really love it when I can teach the most-wanted students in my entire life. They will sit down nicely right in front of me and say,

"Mommy, what are we learning today?" Their eyes are so sparkling and shining with small cute arms around my body.

"My most-wanted students, I'm waiting for your sparkling eyes and sweet wide smile. I wanna teach you colors, numbers, and nature."

And I'll teach them everything! I will teach them every single good things, the bright and beautiful ones. I'll teach them whole-heaterdly like I always do. I'm looking forward for them appearing in my life!!

Now, I enjoy being a teacher and I don't want to end up as a standard, so-so teacher. I want to be the incredible, the gorgeous one. The best teacher that can inspire them, motivate them; all of my students. I wanna be a teacher that they always remember until they're growing up. I want to be a teacher who teaches from heart, a teacher who shares a lot of love and good memories.

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Living in such a life, I couldn't be more grateful. So grateful to having a job as my passion and be able to earn money from it and never feel tired doing it.

Being a teacher indeed gives me a life!!

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Meykke Santoso

I'm a passionate teacher, an excited blogger, a newbie traveler and a grateful wife. Nice to see you here! I write for fun. Please, enjoy!

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

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Terimakasih .... :)

  1. The test of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask his pupils that they will answer readily, but how many questions he inspires them to ask him which he finds it hard to answer. From one teacher to another. Semangat terus ya Mey ^^

  2. Maen2 ke wall promo BE dan tertarik sama artikel ini.
    Soalnya keren!! pake english!

    Aku juga mau komen pake english ah. CMIIW yak :D

    Well, im prety sure that my mother will relate to this story. She is a teacher too. And just like you, she teach her students with all of her heart and love. Because I know teaching is her passion.
    She is guru PAUD anyway, and you know what? Dia nggak pernah dapet gaji. Aku sering bilang ke dia udah lah, ngapain cape2, nggak di gaji, mending istirahat.
    But she always say that is not about money, its about sharing goodness, knowledge and its about passion.

    Yaah.. Susah sih ya kalo udah passion. Kok malah nyeritain emak sih. Haha.

    Tapi aku bangga sih sama guru2 macam kalian. Yang emang udah passion nya di ngajar. Semoga lebih banyak lagi guru2 yang seperti Mbak Mey di Indonesia tercinta ini.

  3. Keep doing it and keep enjoying it and gudlak!!

  4. Setuju sama paragraf2 awal soal pekerjaan. Pekerjaan gak sekedar nyari uang, tapi ngejar passion juga. Kalo kerja ngikut passion pasti gak berasa capek.

    Jadi inget pas magang ngajar tahun lalu. Ngajar anak sma pula. Rasanya ya campur aduk, tapi selalu bikin senyum liat kelakuan murid yg polos2 kayak curi2 pandang buat minta jawaban ke temen pas lagi ulangan :))

  5. Berbicara kerja aku sedang galau galaunya memikirka itu mbak. Berkaca dari senior yang udah wisuda, mereka rata2 kerja kantoran dengan jam2 disiplin. Gak beda jauh dengan kegiatanku selama kerja praktek. Sangat capek, sangat stres, sangat pusing ngitup zat kimia, sebab kerjaan neliti sample2 di lab. Meski banyak ilmu yg akudapat, tapi aku setengah mati bertahan selama sebulan itu.
    Aku jadi galau akan kerja seperti apa aku setelah wisuda nanti. Akankah aku enjoy dengan pekerjaanku. Entahlah. Remang -_-

  6. Salut banget sama Kak Mey. jarang-jarang loh ada seorang wanita yang workaholic kayak Kak Mey gitu. 13 jam kerja dalam sehari. bener-bener super woman kamu itu Kak hehe.

    Yaa begitulah kalau bekerja dengan passion. semuanya bisa jadi enjoy bahkan harus menghabiskan waktu yang lama untuk bekerja. aku ikut ngerasain bahagianya juga kak pas ngebayangin kak Mey ketemu murid-murid dengan mata polos yang haus akan ilmu. ngelihat mereka nyanyi dan joget. Duhh, mungkin itu yang bikin semangat.

    Gini ini malah jadi pengen diajar sama Miss Mey, yuk Kak, ajarin aku bahasa inggris haha.

  7. I think you never have a job Mey, but you HAVE A REAL LIFE. Ya, you enjoy it, you love it and you be grateful of it. It is a life. No matter how tired you are, you keep continue teach others.

    I believe Allah SWT give you medal of honor because you spend your life dedicated to teach others.

  8. great.. and i will try to find more energy from happiness from now, please guide me master..

  9. Baru juga aku komen di status Edotz temeb kita tentang Guru dan Les. :D
    Semangat untukmu... semoga selalu betah di pekerjaan, sehingga kita bisa bertahan :D

  10. Kalok uda kerja sesuai passion atau disukai, emang jadinya kerja gak setengah hati ya. Salut. Gak kayak aku yang akhirnya nyerah sama misuh misuh sendiri. Huahahah :D