So many questions

So many questions
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Senin, 28 Maret 2016

I am challenging myself to write everyday. But today I have no idea to write about, so let me write my hesitation, something that bothers my mind all the time. But I'm sure it happens to every single grown-ups out there. As I passed through the senior high school period, then moved on to college life and succeeded it, followed by going to work I am getting busy with my own thought. Sometimes i'm asking myself about 'is it right to do?', 'do I have to do this instead of that?', 'is it to much for me?','I need more, don't I?','when will I start it?','Do I have to bury it and become much more realistic?','WHATTT?? Am I that old?'. It's unanswered yet.
I still remember when I was a child, feels like it take forever to be adult. I was too excited waiting myself turning adult. Then when I become one now, I am panic like oh nooooo please stop the time! I still recognize my mind as 18 year-old girl. In fact, the reality shows much older, but I'm not more mature. What a life!
Seeing one by one of my friends getting marriage and I don't know what happens with the facebook and all the articles about marriage and the stuff, I always ask myself, &Is it really the time I should make up my mind?& I want it, of course I want it. But thinking about it leads me to such a super huge anxiety.
"How if something bad happen to me later on?"
"How if finally we get bored each other?"
"How if finally we don't fit in each other?"
"How if..."
So many thought running around my head.
Well, time flies totally fast. Now the most trending topic when I gather with my friends is of course about getting marriage. It will change our life 100%. It will not be the same again, and what will you do if you fall to a wrong person? It would be just a nightmare ever. But some quotes stated "You never know before you try" but it is not something that I just try then if I know its not right, I quit and try another one.
That's only of my random thought I always think of. I have so many other thoughts, though. Sometimes I need to rest my brain.
Meykke Santoso

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Assalamualaikum wr wb,

Terimakasih sudah mampir ke sini ya... Yuk kita jalin silaturahmi dengan saling meninggalkan jejak di kolom komentar.

Terimakasih .... :)

  1. Tunggu tunggu, gue persilahkan mba meyke untuk istirahat dulu, biar gue nulis komen buat postingan ini :3

    Too much thought in one article, including "marriage" words. Hmm..So when you marriage? HAHA kidding

  2. Umm umurmu sih emang udah nggak bisa dibilang muda lagi, Kak. Aku aja yang masih segini, ngeliat temen udah mulai banyak yang nikah, jadi pengin nikah juga. Tapi aku sadar mungkin itu bukan karena siap, tapi karena ngiri sama yang lain. Hahaha.

    Susah sih emang kalo ngomongin jodoh. Jangankan yang udah pacaran bertahun-tahun. Yang udah nikah lama banget pun bisa cerai juga. Tuh contohnya salah satu Diva kita di Indonesia. Umm, tapi semua emang balik lagi ke kitanya Kak. Kalau kamu terlalu takut, kamu bakal selamanya takut dan nggak menemukan orangnya, Kak.

    Jadi, belajar cari-cari orangnya dari sekarang, jangan lupa berdoa. Biar kalian dipertemukan di waktu dan tempat yang tepat. Okay!

    Gak sabar nih nunggu undangan dari kamu :D