Hello, 2015!

Hello, 2015!
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Rabu, 07 Januari 2015
New Year 2015 Banners

Helloooooooo 2015! Finally I can give proper greeting here. I was just so busy and for this two weeks I haven’t posted anything!! Moreover I couldn’t get internet connection during my holiday in my lovely hometown.

Well, 2015...It means a lot for me. I’ve grown up, everything changes and life must be more complicated because I have more responsibility and work load. I have more plans to do and places to go, too.

I have already set up some resolutions just like the previous years. The most important thing I have to do in this year is a huge change. I want to change the way I live to the betterment. I’ve bought a note book to note every single plan and daily schedule. I need to develop myself in some ways.

I want to have an ideal body, the proportional one. I thing I’ve already gained it, so I just need to keep it. As a grown up woman, I need some preparation. Wkwkwkw

I want to do a new thing as well. I will resign from my recent work and find out another one for sure. Being stuck in one place just doesn’t let me to grow up and develop. I want something new, new place, new condition, new environment and new experience. I am applying Indonesia Mengajar from Anies Baswedan and I was accepted as one of 360 candidates, out of 10.555 applicants! I wish the best thing goes to me.

I want to develop my writing skill too. I want to write my own comedy book and publish it in all Gramedia storebooks in Indonesia. My previous resolution is have my name and my writing in an antology book which is sold in Gramedia. You guess what?? I made it!! My story and also my photo was in the first page of an antology book. I feel so damn happy!! Thus, I want to write my own book just like my blogger friends.

I need a new challenge for this year. I need to be busier to reach every target I set up in the beginning. I need some ways and struggle to gain all.

This year, I think it would be better if I focus to my personal life first. I know God is the one who give decision, but for me, I have no plan yet to start something with someone. This year is the preparation year. I want to work so hard, travel so much, have so many friends and have so many experiences. I have no gut to have feeling to someone like what I did in senior high school. I mean I’ve already experienced such a feeling, blossoming heart and the stuff. If there comes a day I have to settle down, just like everybody I need to look for someone who has the same mission and vision in life and want to continue life together. I don’t know what will happen in the middle of the year or the end of the year but I have no plan to have a crush or the stuff. I’m not ready for it. So, I just want to work, explore myself deeper, know myself better, develop myself, and of course make my parents proud of me. O f course I want to have partner in life just like everybody but the readiness is another problem.

Wish all the best for everybody. May our life be full of blessings, may we have a blessed and blessing life along the year, may we have a good health and good luck. So, good luck for the new year!!!

Hope you have some plans in mind, too. It’s so important for you to set up the goal, find the ways to reach it and start struggling.

Last but not least, I want to say thank you for you all, the readers that always read my stories. I have so many travelling stories that I did at the end of the year so just wait yaaaa.... After this warm greeting, I will post all my FUN experiences with my friends and my family. Thank you so much. Please visit my blog often because without you, my blog is just like a granule of dust. I love youuuu :3

Meykke Santoso

I'm a passionate teacher, an excited blogger, a newbie traveler and a grateful wife. Nice to see you here! I write for fun. Please, enjoy!

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

Terimakasih sudah mampir ke sini ya... Yuk kita jalin silaturahmi dengan saling meninggalkan jejak di kolom komentar.

Terimakasih .... :)

  1. "Being stuck in one place just doesn’t let me to grow up and develop."

    Love that sentences, and yeah, keep writing no matter how busy u are

  2. Selamat tahun baru kak mey.Semoga resolusi nerbitin buku sendirinya berhasil.

    Sama-sama kak mey. Good luck..

  3. such a great year for you... i hope you will get so and even better for this and the next years :D However, it's been so long i haven't been seen over here :P You've damn changed so much... good luck Miss Meukeuuuuu

  4. Butuh waktu beberapa jam supaya gue bisa baca postingan berbahasa inggris ini -___- tapi tak apalah.
    Semoga rsolusi tahun ini tercapai ya, mbak. Bisa nerbitin buku dan gue nyusul tentunya. HAAHAHAHAHAH.

  5. eem... omennya pake bahasa indonesia aja ya. hee

    selamet karena tulisannya bisa masuk dan terbit lgi. udah yang keberapa nih?? gilaa, ngiri parah gue, ka mey _ _".... klo ada lomba bkin tulisan komedi, boleh lah, ngajak''. hahah
    semangat buat bkin bukunya. gue juga mau bkin kyak gitu sih. haha, semangat, saling doain juga ka mey. oh iya, program dietnya juga sukses yak. hahaha.

    "I have no plan yet to start something with someone" carilah ka mey... carii!! duh elah, yg masih aja galau dari SMA. hahaha *eeh

    1. taun baru, ga mau ganti templete baru juga nih, ka?

  6. baca postingan ini kaya lagi baca soal cerita esay bahasa inggris waktu sekolah dulu.. puyeng ngartiinnya wkwk.. tapi okelah semangat buat bikinnya, saling mendoakan yah.. insyallah tahun ini jg mau bikin hhe.. semangatt :D

  7. Nggak tau arti semuanya sih, tapi tau intinya :'D
    Semantak kak meykke buat rencana nerbitin buku komedinya :D