The Coolest Grandma EVER!

The Coolest Grandma EVER!
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Selasa, 04 Februari 2014
Today I’m gonna tell story about one of the most fabulous people in my life. She used to give money when I was still a child, she took me to many good places, bought me delicious meal and beautiful clothes. And the most important, she sends up all the good prayers for me. She grandma.

when my grandma was still young!!

my grandma now!

I am her first granddaughter out of 7 grandchildren that she has now. I am the first. I can remember when I was a child, I lived together with my grandma! But, at that time I was totally naughty and used to disturb her every afternoon as she came back from market. Well, my grandma’s job was selling hens in market, she also sold the other stuff, too. So, every morning she went to market and sold them, then she would come back at noon. But, whenever she wanted to take a nap, I used to disturb her. The old house has no door in every bedroom, they just have curtain to cover the door, so I could came in everytime I wanted. Sometimes, my grandma got stressed out and she went to my neighboor’s house to sleep!!

when I was still the only granddaughter!! That was meee and my aunt!
There must be a time when I felt like my grandma was not fair to her grandchildren when my new cousins came one by one. Still, she is the most fabulous grandma that I have!

She takes an important in my life! She is the one who supported me so strongly when I had so many hesitation whether I go to Jakarta now or not. She said,

“Nothing to lose... It is the chance I have to grab! So, just go.” And my grandma gave me the strength and the braveness to go. And here I go!

Back again at that time, I have one unforgettable moment about her. She liked to go to the good places, she liked to hang out with me, sometimes just two of us. She liked to go shopping and bought me clothes. At that time, the weather was extremely hot and I had not worn a hijab like now. I forgot to bring bobby pin or something to tie up my hair. My hair was so messy and I felt uncomfortable inside the public car. Suddenly, my grandma took such a hair strap inside the hijab she was wearing and gave it to me.

“Just use this one to tie up your hair”, she said.

“How about you? Do you have another one to tie up your hair?”

“It’s okay, you can use it.”

And I could see my grandma’s long hair in her back uncovered by her hijab. Now it was messy and my hair was tidy. I know, my grandma loves me so bad!

19 years ago!

There must be sad moment. At that time I was so busy with my life, going to college everyday and going back home at night. And suddenly my grandma went to my house and cried! She said I never go to her house for around three days. I thought that she was so overboarding. Then, I realize, she missed me.

For me, she is the coolest grandma ever in this world. Although she is already old, but she is fashionable still. She always thinks about what she is going to wear in every occasion or event. She likes to hunt clothes that pull her attraction. She likes to but stylish bag, too. And she can use mobile phone since long time ago. She is so cool, isn’t it??

It is because she lived a tough life when she was young. She looked for many ways to earn the money by herself. And she succeeded to make a living! She had so many ideas to make money. She is creative and smart!

But now, she cannot go everywhere as she please because she is getting old and has some health problems. My grandpa picks her up when she wants to go out.

She is my second mother for me. We used to sleep together long time ago. She used to tell me so many stories about her and our family. She also prayed for me to get the right one and live happily after getting married one day. She wants to come in my wedding and see my little children. She hopes she still have a chance, she said. I hope a lot, too.

I wish my grandma will have a long long loooooong life, a healthy life, a happy life, she can still go everywhere because she likes go out. She likes to eat outside. I wish I can buy many many things, many clothes for her. I can take her to good places, too. I can give so much love for her, and I can make her proud to have such a fabulous granddaughter, too. I wish when I get married, my grandma can accompany me, go with me, and sit beside me. I will also give her a seat in the stage together with my parents.

Grandma, just wait....and pray for me...

Idul Fitri 2012!!

Meykke Santoso

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