Let's See You Again, Lovely Friends!!

Let's See You Again, Lovely Friends!!
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Selasa, 20 Agustus 2013
"Real friends are those who care without hesitation, who remembers about limitation, and forgive without explanation."

If people ask to me,

“Who takes an important role in your life?”

Undoubtly I would answer,

“The first is my family, and the second is my bestfriends!”

And they are just like my family who know me so well.

Yap!! For those who often read my blog they have already known that I have three best friends that among all friends I have, they are the best of the best friends for me.

We have already been in friendship since we were in second grade of senior high school, approximately since 6 years ago!!

We even name our friendship with Pinqueenz!!

Who are we??

After graduated from senior high school, we had to separate because none of us studied in the same university. Dany moved to Bandung, Ellena and Uma lived in Jogjakarta, and I myself stayed still in Salatiga, where we studied together before. Nevertheless, we are always in touch through social media and texting.

We are so close each other, although there was time that I felt uncomfortable being with them after we studied in the different place and socialized with the different people and it did effect how we were when we met. Everybody changes, and so do we. I call it as the adaptation time. As time went by, it turned back like how we really are, and we get along well up to now.

As usual, we always gather when Ied Day comes, because they go back here so we can gather together. I can’t wait it when we arranged the date to meet!! And this Ied day we can gather together even twice!

First, we met at August 8th 2013!! Unfortunately, we could not spend the whole together because Dany and Ellena had another schedule to meet up with their boyfriend’s family. Since Uma and I are single ( syial ), we two met up first and just went karaoke in one of Karaoke places in Salatiga.

We four could meet up after Uma and I finished singing and we went to Selasar Kartini for a while, just guess for what???

Just for taking pictures!!!

We went back home straightaway because it was already evening and Ellena had another thing to do. hehe..


It was such a gorgeous moment when we met up for a second time! 

That day, August 18th 2013 we promised to spend the whole day together, no more other schedules, just for four of us gathering together!!

It is not too much since we four haven’t gathered together since Ied day last year!! At that time we met up to play Audition online game together and eat up together in one of cafes in Salatiga, here. Ya, It is a rare chance to get four of us gather altogether!!!

Thus, I felt so excited!!

We met up at 10 o’clock and went to Salatiga together.

We decided to went karaoke because from last meeting with Uma, we got one-hour free to sing there since we sang for two hours and spent Rp. 138.000 -________- How expensive!

But at that day we were utterly satisfied because we had three ours for singing!!! Not only that, we also had lunch there because I felt so exhausted and hungry. I didn’t sing, I think. Believe it or not, I am so bad at singing, so I just screamed and yelled. For me the essence of going karaoke is just to get rid of all the burden, bad feeling, all damn feeling we have, so just scream and yell as much as we can. I like fast-beat song like Marry You, or Firework, Diamond, and other hip hop songs.

It does work, I felt relieved afterward.

After three hours screaming while eating sotoy, we moved on to the next destination, the brand new coffee shop or cafe in Salatiga!!

Merah Putih Cafe!!

And I think coffee sold here is a real coffee, I mean, there are so many types of coffee prepared here such as  Americano (which is totally bitter) with many kinds of it, Espresso, Cappuccino and many other flavour of coffee. It is a real coffee. I do love the coffee!!

My delicious coffee

How about the place??

Soooo cozy!

We arrived there in the evening and we could enjoy the evening breeze out of the cafe because they have out-door and in-door parts.

After a while, we moved to in-door cafe and again, we took so many pictures because the golden light from the sun passed through the window made such a perfect light for capturing the pictures! And the good news is we were the only ones sitting in-door so we could take pictures as many as we pleased!

How about the price?

Well, it is quite expensive, but it is worth-paying!

For a cup of coffee, the range price maybe between 12k until less than 30k, for the food, They have variety of prices. What I remember is my friend bought a pancake that costs around 10k, and my coffee costs 17,5k. It is the most expensive coffee I've ever drunk so far since I have never drunk coffee at Starbucks. Hehe...

After we ordered some food and coffee (actually I was the only one drinking the coffee because they dislike it), we talked about so many things, merely about our plans to do in the future, what we want to do, what we want to be, and such a thing.

That day, we successfully spent time together and did something we love, from 10 am up to 5 pm !!! How a gorgeous day!

And it is truly true that your friends are your motivators, I mean with sharing the plans to do, about the dreams we have, it can trigger us to do much more and to struggle much more because of course we want to reach the success together we don’t want to be left behind. I even succeeded being a prime winner in a giveaway related to story about friendship, here.

It is what I do like from meeting with friends. I must have something new, new spirit and new inspiration and motivation.

"True friends are there for you through thick and thin. Fake friends take there in between."

I love them whole-heartedly, they are always there for me when I need them to listen my story or to cheer me up when I fall down, help me out of my problem through their suggestions, and more.

For me, they are beyond friends!

I always wish to get along and keep in touch with them forever, until we grow mature and grow old. We can still see each other and share the ideas or stories or plans together in the future although we settle down and have our own family!! Aamiin...

So for my bestfriends, let’s reach every single dream we have set and let’s support each other like we always do.

Fighting!! See you next time!

Meykke Santoso

I'm a passionate teacher, an excited blogger, a newbie traveler and a grateful wife. Nice to see you here! I write for fun. Please, enjoy!

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