My Special Story :)

My Special Story :)
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Senin, 06 Agustus 2012

Assalamualaikuuum, the world!

Let me tell you a story.

There was a girl who was grown up in under confident. She lived in such a way for years. If you can put confident level on a range 1 up to 10, she had 1. She spent seven years since the first grade of an elementary school up to junior high school in complaining about herself, how she looked like. Actually, what she loved was taking pictures of her. There were many photos saved when she was a child, a cute child. But then, the storm came. She felt ugly. Once she fell in love, she got dump. Once she tried to catch stars, she hit so hard on the ground. She liked dance so damn, give up on it afterward. Her wish : being a professional dance. The reality hit her so damn. And life was such a damn thing. She could not dance with a long sock covering her legs. After she joined Pramuka and had to pass through the damn dirty river, her skin got worse. Although her legs just laid down on the grass, her skin being irritated.

She lost many opportunities when she was in junior high school. She joined such a Paskibra , then give up on it afterward. She joined i-forget-the-name in such being seniors in Pramuka to train beginners in junior high school, and a week before being inaugurated, she quited. Why?? Poor self-confidence. With no confidence, she reached nothing except studying inside class.

To make it more dramatic, when she was in elementary school, she got a sweet title. A damn sweet title ever in the world for sure!! It was a kind of frog. I don’t know what is English term of brontok? Damn sweet, wasn’t it?

Many times go to the skin doctor, it yielded the same with failure. The thing she remember what a doctor said when she was in 5th elementary school is that

“Ya satu satunya cara biar nggak gini ya jangan sampai digigit nyamuk.”

Everytime she got bitten by mosquitoes, it would leave the scar on the skin. So many different kind of skin-diseases she experienced because of allergy and the like. So, the question that always come up in her mind everytime is ‘what do mosquitoes exist for??’

Thus, she was under-confidence all the time. The only thing she wanted is being invisible. And in the top of everything, what she wanted was being other’ self, as long as not being herself. She was scared of the world. She had no confidence at all, although for socialize with other. Everyday she wore a long jacket and long socks until knees with long skirt under the knees. If it was possible, she wanted to cover her face with cadar.

Thinking about ‘why isn’t my skin like my friend’s skin which is soft, smooth, and beautiful??’ drove her perfectly mad.

And she was ME. Hehehehehe…

And I feel grateful and thankful for my past. From that kind of experience, I can realize one thing. On other story…

One day I got in the bus as usual heading to my junior high school, SMP 2 Ambarawa. Once I got in, my eyes caught a woman with hijab covering her head. Her skin was not like mine. There was white huge spot randomly happened in her face and some parts of her hand’s skin. That was not white, but little bit pink. It was like her skin getting peeled off. So, her pigment is not normally dark like the people are, but there were a white spot in between. And I didn’t know why, some days after that I read about a skin disease called vitiligo. Not long after that, news said that the reason why Michael Jackson’s skin was getting dramatically white is because he had vitiligo. Information said it may be related to low body’s immune and there is a no medicine to cure it yet.

From that time, I have realized that compared to other’s situation, my situation can be much luckier. And God says to me

“don’t just look at self weaknesses and complain everytime, once you look around, you will realize, how lucky you are.”

And that is my number one motto in my life until now. Many people have been born without legs, hands, imperfect heart, and other serious diseases. Complaining a lot about my body and my condition led me to be someone who had no gratitude and thanks. And for the first time of my life, I could feel God helps me a lot. How could I be better if the only thing I did is just complaining?? Does complaining change the situation? Big No!! Does complaining make things worse? No doubt, YES!

And once I feel content with myself, I can help myself going away from that situation with many life-lessons in hands. And once I feel content, I love myself. Once I love myself, there will be someone loves me, and now many love is surrounding me!! Also, being grateful triggers us to struggle in order to make it better. Struggling all the time!

Moreover, because of that experience, it became my inspiration to write on the story and I sent it to Kawanku magazine in age 18 years old. They had a short-story writing competition at that time. That was my first time sending my writing to magazine, and a month after that, my name ‘Meykke Alvia Yuntiawati’ was beautifully written under the huge title ‘Sempurna’. I became ‘juara hiburan’, and it was more than enough for me since it was my first time sending the short story. And in the beginning semester after I entered on this university, I sent my story to in ‘True Story’ rubric, and for the second time, my name was written there. it felt so good. Thus, I felt thankful for my past to give me such an unforgettable experience and a bunch of priceless life-lessons. At the first time, I was embarrassed with what I wrote in annida-online, so the only one I informed about my story is my closest friend, Uma. She knew about that story. Hehe..

I do believe how I really am now is closely related with what I went through in the past. Past has formed me, and here I am standing confidently facing the world in the name of Alloh SWT.

With GOD in my heart, there will nothing impossible, since the word itself says ‘I’m possible’.

Well, I am not a successful person who has right to give such a motivation for others, neither nor a motivator. But then, hopefully what I wrote can be useful for others. For those who have a short body, or a fat body, or a dark skin, or too skinny, just be grateful because we are in lucky-person-category in the word who have many blessings surrounding us, lucky because we have a perfect body, a healthy one, and at least, we are still alive.


Wassalam… :)

Friday, August 3rd 2012 11:59 AM, blue room as usual.

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