Bed Note 02.06.12 (not yet)

She said " I have no willing to get married soon, even I don't think about it yet, so why do I keep bothering myself with love stuff??"
"but sometimes it can help you to gain motivation and inspiration and spirit"
"yes, if you're lucky. Otherwise, it turns into obstacle, a knife that ready to hurt you."
"why are you so pesimistic?"
"surely it's not pesimistic, it is realistic. Living in this world, you must not be so naive and hoping your love life would be as beautiful as Korean drama is something you cannot take control on"
I said "but then, I keep faith I would be what I dream of"
she answered "but then, just ready to brush out all your tears and sink deeply in your mourning every morning if the reality yields otherwise."
"you are so scary"
"yes, in a way to save me from those complicated matters, many things I should think of, deal with, and struggle for except that one."
"but after all you need love"
"yes, I surely do. But, back to the first one, I haven't had willing to get married soon. Enjoying life with all dreams seems much more important rather than hoping those Korean drama story to come true."
I have nothing to say again, no word can fight againts her.
We have a conversation, although there is noone beside me.
I did have conversation, although sometimes, having conversation doesn't always mean 2 people gather and talk. It just simply I have conversation.

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  1. kereeenn bnget ur english,,just make me feel down,,haha

  2. makasihhh...tapi kok make you down? haha, it works also for me, make me more galau.hahaha


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