Morning Thoughts 21.04.12

Morning Thoughts 21.04.12
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Minggu, 22 April 2012
God, almost forget to write. I had to get up early and buy bubur for breakfast, continued with writing portfolio I'm supposed to submit next monday.
And something filling my head is Whatsapp!!
I tried to use it since yesterday and actually my pinqueenz have already used it. Unfortunately, Ellen cannot use it due to some conditions. This application is just adorable, I feel I have BB because it works like BBM, so I could send message, picture, sound with realtime and it is totally easy and fast to use. It is just so FUN!!
Something I love is making friends! But also i get the idea that if you have already had new friends, never forget your old friends. They color up my life, both the new and old one. And this application is such a way for me to keep contact with pinqueenz in easy, fun, interesting and private way!! We can make a group and chat inside. how cool!!
And it makes me happy. Chatting and being fun with my friends always succeed to make me happy. Lead to 1 conclusion that friends take an imprtant role of my life, ever.
how about you??

My blue room:)
Meykke Santoso

I'm a passionate teacher, an excited blogger, a newbie traveler and a grateful wife. Nice to see you here! I write for fun. Please, enjoy!

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

Terimakasih sudah mampir ke sini ya... Yuk kita jalin silaturahmi dengan saling meninggalkan jejak di kolom komentar.

Terimakasih .... :)

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