Buku Tamu

Buku Tamu
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Jumat, 25 November 2011

Good Morniiiiing….

Yesterday I skipped all classes because I had to attend my uncle’s wedding!! The wedding was amazing and the bride also the broom were gorgeous! They decided to settle down and get married in young ages. They are all under 25 years old. Nowadays, I think there are a lot of people who get married in youth. Some of them because of love, many because of you-know-what. But I won’t talk about the reason why many couples decided to build a new family so soon, but I want to tell you about my experience being ‘penjaga buku tamu’ yesterday.:D

And for this couple, I totally believe that the reason is because they love each other so much, both of them have had good jobs and they were willing to follow ‘sunah rosul’ in a way to avoid ‘zina’.Hehe

And here I was!! In the early morning we five did preparation and make up!

And after finished, I looked like this!

Something that sometimes make me reluctant is my skin colour. I have dark skin which sometimes drives me under confidence. Then, I would continuously ask my friend how I look like. But, after all, I keep being grateful. I was born with perfect body like the others and also God has given me this brain. Then, leads me to the quote number 5 : Life isn’t about having what we want, but wanting what we have. Always be grateful!!

I felt that I am beautiful at that time. Haha. Let’s compare my ‘daily’ face and my ‘yesterday’ face. Yesterday I looked quite brighter with soft purple, a little white and brown colors playing around my eyes, my cheek was soft color which makes me fresher added by soft pink lipstick filling my lips. A part I like the most is my creation hijab! Feel that I couldn’t miss my hijab, I wore hijab yesterday. Then, I love yesterday a lot!:D

The bride wore a hijab as well. She looked perfect with white kebaya. On her back, a long selendang rajutan was waving. Then make me start imagining, how will I look like at my wedding some years later?? For sure I would wear a hijab as well, I would make any self-development in many ways. Both outside and inside. Feel I am on fire!! On fire to do the best toward myself, my future, my heart and all matters.:D

I have no the broom and the bride's pictures yet, so I just gave you our photo. This is it!!

Sorry, the picture is rather blurred.XD

For me, yesterday was fun!!



7:25 AM

My blue bedroom:D

Meykke Santoso

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