go jogging?for what??unimportant!

go jogging?for what??unimportant!
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Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Jogging??? What is jogging?? I never do it! Wasting time. Better to keep sleeping until I feel satisfied. I have a good dream every night, I don’t want to destroy it by jogging. What the hack is going on with you?? I am still alive, although I never go jogging every morning. Sooooooooo lazy to wake and run around the house or village. I always wake up lately. Have no advantages at all. I even hate it!!”

Illustration. Maybe there are people thinking the same, just move on to this part! Ehehe…

One of my resolutions in 2011 is jogging regularly!! I wanna be fresher, wanna be healthier, to be better!

That is why I write this post, to encourage myself about how important go jogging for me,my health, my life. Hopefully you will be motivated to do the same thing.

Well, who doesn’t want to have stomach as slim as this??

You?or you?or you? I swear that every woman wants it!!

I can say the start point is go jogging. Can u see that it is the easiest exercise to do? Without money, without certain tool. So cheap! The cheapest one!

But we all have a problem. Laziness. . Maybe something that come up to our mind is that go jogging is just wasting time, or we have a lot of job to do and of course we have no time to go jogging, or it is the most popular reason I think, because we are too lazy to weak up, instead continue our sleep.Lying on the bed is much better because the morning is so cold. Don’t you think so??

How can go jogging make our life better and healthier??

Happy reading these facts, girls! ^^

Physical benefit of jogging..

1. Jogging is stamina builder. Can u imagine how can you pass the day without good stamina?? Actually, it is the primary benefit. Good stamina increases your capacity to work all through the day and help u to lead an active life. Activeness depends on how fit u are. Once u start jogging u will be more active and the changes will be there for everyone to see. See?? The good stamina is so important for us, and to get it, just go jogging! It is easy, right?

2. Weight loss. Who doesn’t wanna have slim and health body?? Everyone wants it. So? Go jogging is the easiest exercise to do then! Because it will increase your metabolism and also burn few calories for you.

3. Strengthen muscles and bones density of the back, hips, and legs. We are adolescents and it is the best time to strengthen our muscles and bones density before it is too late. So?? Just go jogging from now on!

4. Fight insomnia, aging, and diseases.

Sleep will come easier when you have a good stamina, and to have a good stamina, just go jogging!

Jogging also helps in fighting diseases like cancer, heart stoke, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis among others, and etc.

5. Cardiovascular exercise. Jogging minimizes heart attack as it strengthen the heart and also reduces blood pressure. At the same time, ur lungs will be strong and u can inhale more oxygen, thus increasing the capacity of the blood to transport more of those essential nutrients to ur body.

Psichologycal benefit of jogging.

1. Confidence builder. Have u ever felt not confident with yourself. Maybe because u are not confident with your body. If you feel so, just try to go jogging, your body will be fresher and confidence will come to u. people who lose weight due to go jogging gain more confident than someone else can imagine.

2. Stress relief. As u are jogging, u get time to think a life’s problem and u are able to run them over. If u have anger filled up within urself, a sprint will be able to get rid of ur stress and depression.

3. Mind training. Jogging is able to train the mind better. Fresh mind will create better mind, and also better mood to do all ur job better every day. Not only will ur body get physical strength but also gain the mental endurance.

4. Attitude improvement. Maybe u ask on ur mind. What is the relationship between good attitude and go jogging??

Jogging releases hormones called endorphins, which are responsible for giving the feeling of happiness and euphoria.

See?? Go Jogging is a must, I will go jogging regularly, at least once 3 days for the beginning! I have to do it! 2011 is in front of the eyes, and I will not waste time by doing something useless, instead doing everything better, and be better, although talking is much easier than taking action. It is motivation somehow, by talking, I have motivation to really do it! How about you as reader?? Just follow me, and feel the differences! Trust me, it works! ^^

The fitter you are, The more active you can be!

Salam cincau!!^^

Meykke Santoso

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