My Love Letter

My Love Letter
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Senin, 29 November 2010

My Love Letter….
Whenever I read it, like I am in somewhere…
Like there is a magic strength hold me in peace..
Guide my heart, break down every fearness that often come out from my heart…
My love letter, the hook to always remember Him, to keep Him in my soul, my breath, my beat, my life….
Love letter, the most worthy letter that I have with magic serves in every line… with magic touch of God.
Just wanna read, read, and read, wanna feel it deep, wanna sense it more and more…
Can feel the peace in nowhere, just in my love letter..
Every word, every serve, every line is just a magic.

The Koran, the letter from God for all of us, for me.

Like every serve is filling the air and I can feel how God hold me and guide me through His letter.
Meykke Santoso

I'm a passionate teacher, an excited blogger, a newbie traveler and a grateful wife. Nice to see you here! I write for fun. Please, enjoy!

Assalamualaikum wr wb,

Terimakasih sudah mampir ke sini ya... Yuk kita jalin silaturahmi dengan saling meninggalkan jejak di kolom komentar.

Terimakasih .... :)

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